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UFO sighting: Hunter claims crashed 'space capsule' in forest is '100% alien technology'


The supposed UFO anomaly has been found seemingly abandoned in the depths of dense Polish woodland. Numerous photos of the perplexing object have been published in local news site Echodnia.eu.

The pictures purport to depict an object vaguely reminiscent of a space capsule larger than an adult, lying on its side surrounded by trees and empty bottles of alcohol.

UFO hunter and self-styled alien life expert Scott Waring claims the object could be a long-forgotten crashed spacecraft.

The conspiracy theorist took to his UFO Sightings Daily site to speculate how it may relate to a famous UFO event.

He said: “This object is the exact shape of the famous Kecksburg UFO that crashed in December 1965 at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.”

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UFO historians have long considered the Kecksburg “UFO” to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries.

Eyewitnesses claim it was not a meteor but a craft of some kind, which members of the US military then reportedly took away.

At 4.47pm local time a flaming object apparently flew over Ohio and into Western Pennsylvania.

The officially unexplained object was described as being guided, altering its path and making a level descent away from residential areas and into the woods of Kecksburg.

The site is also quoted as providing a far prosaic explanation for the find.

They write: “Its dimensions are quite large. It is somewhat reminiscent of a so-called ‘pear’, that is, the part of the concrete truck in which the concrete mix rotates during construction works.

“It is unknown who and when this item was abandoned.

“Empty bottles of alcohol are scattered nearby.

“In July this year, the Minister of the Environment, Michał Woś, announced an increase in penalties for littering forests.”


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