UK government must "seize opportunity" to beat three biggest infectious disease killers


“The Global Fund’s ambition to raise $14 billion cannot be achieved without the UK continuing to be a global health leader. I therefore call on the UK to commit £1.4 billion – in line with the increase that is being requested by all donors,” he said. 

“HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria all claim too many lives, all wreak havoc on so many families and communities. We are all here to stand against these killers, to show we believe we can make our world better,” he added.

A bill is currently passing through the US Houses of Congress which would increase the US government’s total contribution by $210m over the next three years, overturning US president Donald Trump’s budget in March when he proposed slashing funding by $1billion.

Experts are warning that the fight against the three diseases is stalling with new threats such as shortfalls in funding and increasing insecticide and drug resistance enabling a resurgence of the diseases.

The number of cases of malaria is beginning to creep up again after years of dramatic declines, the number of cases of tuberculosis has remained static and HIV is on the rise in vulnerable groups such as prisoners and sex workers. 


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