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UK pubs reopening: Landlords told to BAN singing and shouting as it 'spreads coronavirus'


Pubs could be told they have to ban customers from singing and shouting when they reopen, to help stop the spread of coronavirus. These are just some of the measures being discussed by the UK’s top scientists as the Government prepares to announce their official reopening.

Boozers could be forced to switch loud music off so customers don’t have to shout or talk loudly – as doing so could spray the virus further, The Sun reports.

It comes as the Government reviews whether to reduce the current two-metre social distancing guidance, which the hospitality industry warns could cripple the industry.

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) claims halving the current rule would increase the number of pubs that could reopen in July by 120 percent.

Pubs, restaurants and shops may be allowed to bypass the two-metre rule, as part of a major blueprint for getting Britain back up and running.

The papers, drawn up by the Government’s scientific advisors, outline a series of possible options to kickstart the economy.

Businesses in the hospitality sector could be permitted to have staff working closer together as long as they can show they’ve taken measures to lower the risk of catching the bug.

Companies could also bring in new rules, such as regular breaks and getting workers to sit side by side, to make it safer for people to be within one metre of each other.

The proposals also outline a series of options to kickstart the wider British economy.

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“There are various mitigations including say ventilation, screens and barriers, face coverings, cleaning, hygiene.

“There’s a whole raft of measures that could potentially be used – some are more useful than others.”

The Prime Minster has come under increasing pressure to reduce the two-metre social distancing rule in recent weeks, as critics argue the measure is hampering economic progress.

Yesterday Mr Johnson hinted the guidelines were being reviewed.

He said: “We are looking for the moment where we have got the figures down, but when they are down so far, we can say the two metre rule is no longer necessary.

“We are doing a review right now – keeping it under review – and obviously as we make further progress, I hope to say more.”


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