UK weather forecast – Brits to roast in 28C Spanish Plume as Met Office backs THREE-MONTH warm spell


A SPANISH plume is set to bring soaring temperatures to the UK — before three more months of warm weather begin.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast says higher than average temperatures are more likely all the way to the beginning of July.

This map shows where bands of rain will push into the UK from the southwest beginning today
This map shows the 900-mile wide ‘Spanish Plume’ set to bring baking heat to the UK in May
This map shows mild temperatures around most places tomorrow – before a warmer-than-average three months is on the cards

And Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze believes highs of 28C could arrive in Britain as early as May as warm air blows in from Spain.

He said: “28C would not be a surprise later in May, with warm air expected to arrive from southern Europe, known as a ‘Spanish plume’.”


Although it’s not yet possible to predict exactly how hot it will get in coming months, the long-range outlook is currently looking on the warmer side over the coming weeks.

Met Office meteorologist Sarah Kent told The Sun Online: “The forecast is based on probabilities that are averaged over the whole three month period.

“So it’s a little bit like odds on a horse race – it’s not saying other outcomes are not possible, but that on balance over the three months we are slightly more likely to have warmer than average conditions.

“It’s not saying hot days, necessarily; it might be milder nights, for instance.”

But today is definitely looking like a nice one for many around the UK.

Sarah said: “Many people will see some sunny spells today, but it’s not going to be dry everywhere.

“Eastern parts – so East Anglia, Lincolnshire, the London area and Kent – there will be one or two rogue showers around.

“Slow runners in the London Marathon this afternoon might catch a shower if they’re unlucky!”


Western areas including Cornwall, Northern Ireland and Devon will see more cloud today along with some patchy light rain, which will also fall on southwestern Wales.

Today will feel warmer than yesterday thanks to a lower windchill factor, with highs of around 16C forecast in London.

But starry skies tonight will see some temperatures falling into low single figures which may mean there’s some rural ground frost.

Gardeners are advised to check their local overnight temperatures to make sure tender plants aren’t lost in the frost.

Into next week, Monday and Tuesday will see an east/west split, in which eastern areas will continue to enjoy the best of the current sunny spells while the west will see more drizzle.

By mid-week, showery rain will spread eastwards through the days which will eventually give way to a cooler northwesterly wind.

Thursday will be a much cooler and showery day lasting into Friday.

This will be mainly in the north – and there could even be snow falling on the higher ground of mountains in Scotland because of that northerly breeze.

Brits enjoying the glorious weather in Edinburgh last weekend – with more warm weather on the way in the coming months
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