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UK weather forecast: Violent storms and heavy rain to pummel Britain today – horror maps


Temperatures are expected to peak at a maximum of 23C in the UK today – but no where near the highs much of Britain has seen this week.

The mercury reached its peak on Thursday after 33.4C (92.1F) was recorded at Heathrow Airport in west London. And on Friday, temperatures reached a maximum of 31.2C, recorded at Kew Gardens in London.

Today, however, the UK will see a drop of about 10C with many waking up to lows of 13C this morning.

Into the rest of the day, temperatures will remain steady at about 14C to 15C, with some parts struggling to reach 20C.

The changeable conditions come as an area of low pressure swoops in over Britain today, bringing the potential for wide spread showers across most of the country.

The Netweather TV forecast for this weekend reads: “An area of low pressure will move northeast across Ireland towards the west of Scotland during Saturday, spreading fronts across the UK bringing bands of showers across many areas, showers locally heavy with thunder in places.

“Some dry and sunny intervals at times too. A breezy day and feeling much fresher across all parts with the warm and humid plume shoved away to the east by low pressure moving in.

“Temperatures reaching 16 to 19C across the north and west, 19 to 21C across the south and east.”


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