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UK weather: Hot weather to return after heavy downpours wash out Britain – latest maps


The showery rains will continue throughout this week, however there will also be mixed with more sunshine in some areas. Today will remain warm and humid all day with some widespread funny spells, according to Net Weather.

But heavy, thundery downpours will break out too, especially in western regions.

Some low cloud and fog will be restricted int he North Sea coasts, but sunny spells will prevail in many regions.

On Wednesday, parts of the northwest will experience showery rain with low cloud and fog remaining in the coasts.

Some sunny spells will also be likely, as will slow-moving heavy, thundery showers.

Downpours will continue throughout Thursday in areas of central and southern UK with some coasts experiencing more mist.

Jo Farrow from Netweather advised that “Northern Scotland will reach into the low 20sC with more sunshine, Northern Ireland up to 21C with sunshine and the heaviest showers in the west this afternoon and very light winds.”

“Wales will see clusters of heavier showers in the north around lunchtime with a few scattered about into the afternoon.

“Temperatures will reach 21C with hardly any breeze.”

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“Further showers break out for SW Britain overnight and by this morning there will be a clustery of heavy showers around the Irish Sea.

“Overnight rain will still be lurking for western Scotland with low cloud in the east.

“As the warmth of the day builds showers begin to break out over England and Wales.

“With very light winds, these will be slow-moving and again there could be thunderstorms.

“Nights will be mild but the low cloud off the North Sea will envelope more areas.”

A cold front will transfer to the west of Ireland on Wednesday, with more cloud and showery downpour in the morning for Northern Ireland.

Western and southern Britain will experience more heavy showers, too.

By Thursday the low centre will have travelled along the English Channel and the heavy rains will be mostly over southern England although downpours could arrive into East Anglia, the Midlands and Wales during the day.


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