Unique Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake to sell for $1.4million at auction


Aston Martin DB5 will forever be synonymous with the James Bond franchise specifically the movie Goldfinger. The car is rammed full of gadgets and is iconic due to its timeless design. However, ex Aston Martin boss David Brown did find a flaw in the car’s design which informed the inception of the Shooting Brake variant. The avid sportsman could not fit his polo gear in the luggage compartment and his hunting dog was chewing the plush leather seats.

He reportedly stated that the firm should “build me something for him to sit in.”

Therefore, the SB variant was designed and just 12 versions of the car were ever built with the steering wheel on the left-hand side.

It is built not he same chassis and the regular DB5 but has the increased practicality of an estate car.

The versions built were created by Harold Radford’s new coachbuilding business.

These conversions were not cheap and at the time it cost about twice the average price of an English house.

The work involved rebuilding the car from the windscreen back including the tubular structure of the roof cut away and extended with steel fabrications, and a single-piece rear hatchback was fitted.

Brown wanted the car to be able to hold his polo equipment and beloved pooch and so the interior space was increased to more than 40 cubic feet.

Despite the modifications, the vehicle was said to still be able to achieve a top speed of 150mph.

This version do the car was sold new to Mr. Rainer Heumann of Switzerland and dispatched on 1 December 1965.

It was used as his daily driver for 30 years before his passing in 1996.

In the 1980s it was repainted in Cumberland Grey and after Mr Heumann passed away the car sold on to a second Swiss owner who undertook a completed body and chassis restoration by Aston Engineering.

The body was refinished in Grigio Quartz, Radford steel tubing in the roof structure was re-enforced, and the original DB6 taillights were replaced by DB5 lights.

It was sold in 2009 to an Aston Martin enthusiast who comprehensively overhauled the car including an upgraded engine, suspenion, new wheels and shock absorbers among other things.

The vehicle is set to go on sale with RM Sotherby’s on 15-17th August in Monterey.


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