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'Unprepared' EU torn apart as Boris resists Brussels Brexit demands in crunch trade talks


Bruges Group think tank director Robert Oulds argued the EU was not used to getting their way in the Brexit trade deal negotiations. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Oulds claimed Boris Johnson had shown he would not roll over and cave to the EU. He added the current demands from the EU are too high and Britain should remain firm and not agree to them despite the threat of a no deal.

“The dynamic with Great Britain is different.”

Mr Oulds went into detail of how the UK standing firm in the Brexit trade talks caused shock in the EU.

He added: “Despite Boris Johnson’s Government signing up to the future relationship with the EU, which does suggest the European Union would have some degree of control over the UK’s fishing waters, alignment, policy and tax policy, Britain isn’t actually giving way.

“Despite us signing up to this and suggesting that Boris Johnson’s Government, before the general election, would give the EU what it wanted, that is not what is playing out.

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He closed by saying: “What the EU is demanding is far too high.

“It means that Britain is not a sovereign country, if the UK agrees to what the EU wants Britain would be out of the European Union but still run by the EU.

“The Government know that the position is untenable politically.”

Boris Johnson has more recently caused frustration in the EU by attempting to amend parts of the withdrawal agreement. 

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has said this threatens to severely damage the relationship between the UK and EU. 


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