US dressage Olympian charged with attempted murder of female rider


She added: “Some people in life seem to feel they are untouchable by anyone. They feel that just because they have one accomplishment under their belt that everyone will believe every word they say.

“Everything from my life, livelihood and even riding career have all been threatened should I refuse to adhere to the things I’ve been being put through, constantly.”

Friends on Facebook advised her to leave the farm but Miss Kanarek wrote that she didn’t want to leave her horses, which were stabled there. She added: “Harm will come to me before I ever let harm come to them.”

According to her Facebook posts Miss Kanarek had tried to report her situation to the police, the United States Equestrian Federation, and the US Center for SafeSport, which monitors safety in sports.

Miss Kanarek had been due to make her first appearance in an internationally ranked dressage competition next week.

Rosanna Williams, a friend and fellow rider, told the New York Times: “She’s extremely dedicated. She basically gave up her entire existence, relocated, to train with somebody who was going to give her the best shot to accomplish her goals.

“I’m a little shocked, as much as this was heating up and escalating, I don’t think anybody really saw this coming.”


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