Vegan YouTuber forced out of his own ethical clothing company after admitting eating salmon


A VEGAN YouTube star has been forced to leave the ethical clothing firm he founded after he admitted eating salmon and raw eggs.

Tim Shieff, 30, who campaigned on vegan issues and is a world champion free-runner, confessed in an online video post last November he had ditched his plant-based diet because he was “desperate” to boost his health.

Tim Shieff has won ITV’s Ninja Warrior twice
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He said he’d visited a local farm having finished a “35-day water fast” where he only drank distilled water.

After seeing two chickens running around, he bought two eggs and ate them raw.

He said: “It sent me questioning everything.

“A few days later I bought some wild salmon and tried that.”

His confession was met by a fierce backlash online and his colleagues at ETHCS, the clothing company he founded three years ago, issued an apology and said they were “hurt and let down” by his admission.

We all agreed it would be best if Tim stepped away from the company

ETHCS in a statement about Tim Shieff

ETHCS – which deliberately misspells the word ethics – has now dropped him after he released further videos earlier this month saying he had completely abandoned a vegan diet.

The company told a vegan newsite: “For a long time Tim had been an inspirational example for veganism, as well as a good friend who has inspired us all, but this lifestyle change was something none of us could get on board with.

“We have all been proud vegans for many years, and promoting the vegan message and ethical lifestyle choices was very important to us all.

“Considering ETHCS was founded on these same principles, we all agreed it would be best if Tim stepped away from the company. And in time Tim agreed too.”

Shieff has built up a strong online following by posting ‘free-running’ videos performing incredible athletic feats and his YouTube channel has more than 180,000 followers.

He has also won Ninja Warrior, an ITV assault course game show twice.

Shieff also undergoes extreme fasting and diets and also claims to have drunk his own urine every day for the past two years.

He told The Mail on Sunday: “I founded the company as a very passionate vegan.

“I have listened to my body and it’s guided me on another path for now and my beliefs have changed.

“My friends who I built the business with are all vegan and remain vegan, so they were shocked by it.”

Shieff said he now given up his vegan diet
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The YouTube star said his beliefs had now changed
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