Vicky Pattison reveals weight gain in before and after shots as she opens up about her ‘tough year’


VICKY Pattison has revealed all about her weight gain in candid before and after shots following a ‘tough year’.

The former Geordie Shore star took to Instagram last night to post a throwback snap of her in a yellow bikini as well as a current snap in white pants and a black exercise top.

Vicky Pattison has revealed all about her weight gain in candid before and after shots following a ‘tough year’

Alongside it, Vicky, 31, opened up about her feelings towards her body and what she’s been through in the last year, including the death of her best friend and the end of her engagement to former fiance John Noble.

She wrote: “The first picture here is nice isn’t it?! (I mean, a bit k****y) but the second is a far more accurate representation of how I’m feeling and looking right now! I’m not afraid to show it.
“This year has been amazing for me on so many levels- after the darkness of last year I am so grateful for how things have turned out & for the opportunities that have came my way.

“I’ve been blessed with a wonderful new relationship, friendships that are stronger than ever, beautiful family memories & some once in a life time professional moments.
“I have not stopped travelling, laughing, loving & working (if you can call what I do for a living that- I’m hardly down the mines.)

The former Geordie Shore star shared a throwback snap in a yellow bikini
Vicky said she has been eating what she wants and not exercising as much in recent months
Vicky had a tough year last year following her split from former fiance John Noble
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“I’ve eaten everything I wanted & drank cocktails like there were going out of fashion & I’ve LOVED every minute of it but it has definitely caught up with me. I’ve gained weight.

“I won’t wear a bikini- I’m a 1 piece kinda girl right now- I’m tired a lot, bloated, I’m avoiding going to places, I’m missing out on things I love because I’m not comfortable.”

Vicky insisted she is not – and never has been – obsessed with the numbers on the scales or her clothes size.

But the star – whose weight has fluctuated between a size 16 and a size six – said her body is “starting to affect my quality of life” which she “won’t allow”.

Vicky was also left devastated by the death of her best friend Paul Burns
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The 31-year-old is grateful for her relationship with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan

She explained: “I want to feel good about myself again, be confident in my own skin, feel healthy, strong and ready to face anything and everything life throws at me.

“I won’t apologise for letting my hair down this year- I think after last year it was understandable- but I want to make some changes and I’m going to start now.
“I’ve neglected my training & my healthy eating has been sporadic at best but I’m keen to add more balance to my life now I have a little more time on my hands- I want to like what I see in the mirror & not live my life in fear of someone taking a picture of me.
“Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving up gin, hummus or haribos anytime soon as they’re wizard & I love them but I am planning on taking control, striking a balance and toning up these curves! Wish me luck lasses!”

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