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Victoria Derbyshire’s remark about ‘smelly’ I’m A Celebrity campmate stuns viewers

With the weather close to freezing in North Wales, taking a shower outdoors might not be at the top of the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! stars’ lists of things to do. However one camp mate might not have much choice if they hear Victoria Derbyshire isn’t impressed with their personal hygiene. The BBC presenter was told telling Vernon Kay she was struggling with the smell in camp and was close to confronting the culprit.

Talking to Giovanna Fletcher and Victoria, Vernon asked: “Be honest with me, do I smell?”

“No, you don’t,” Victoria assured him before admitting she felt someone else in the camp did.

Vernon noted: “Someone does smell!”

“Yeah, I know who it is,” Victoria agreed.

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Viewers will have to wait until Saturday’s episode to find out if Victoria confronts the mystery “smelly” campmate.

It comes after Jordan North admitted he hadn’t changed his underwear in three days leaving his campmates horrified.

Earlier in the week when Beverley Callard and Hollie Arnold asked if he had anything that needed washing, Jordan said he’d not swapped his underwear.

“Usually at home I wear them once, in here we’ve just gone feral,” he told the pair.

Jessica Plummer was left stunned by his revelation, declaring: “Jordan I love you but… You don’t need to wear one pair for three days.”

Those watching at home were also horrified as one posted on Twitter: ”Eugh, @jordannorth1 and @vernonkay are dirty boys, not changing your pants?? You’ve had bugs in them.”

A second tweeted: “Not changed his pants in 3 days And how bad he’s nervous stomach was with the trial!”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tonight on ITV at 8.45pm.


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