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Vikings: When did the Vikings invade Britain?

Danelaw is the name given to the region of Anglo-Saxon England where the laws of the Danes were in place.

The Danelaw originated from the Viking raids in the 9th century on Anglo-Saxon England, but the name was not mentioned until the late 11th century in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle.

The treaty and the establishment of the Danelaw also ensured peace between the two kingdoms

As part of the treaty, Guthrum surrendered and was baptised, agreeing to leave Wessex.

A spokesperson from JORVIK Viking Centre in York explained the concept of the Danelaw and its origins to Express.co.uk.

They said: “The Danelaw refers to the area of Britain under the control of Viking invaders and their descendants, found in the north, central and eastern parts of the country and has begun in the Viking raids and victories in the 9th centuries.

“The land covered a vast area, drawing a line diagonally across the country from London up to Bedford, then following the old Roman road of Watling Street.

“This Danelaw was defined in a treaty in AD880 between the Viking King, Guthrum and the Anglo-Saxon King, Alfred.”

The Danelaw roughly compromised 15 shires: Leicester, York, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Essex, Cambridge, Suffolk, Norfolk, Northampton, Huntingdon, Bedford, Hertford, Middlesex, and Buckingham.

The Viking Age came to an end in 1066 with the battle of Stamford Bridge when Viking forces were defeated by English forces led by King Harold Godwinson.

However, Viking influence was not wiped out as the next King of England, William the Conqueror, was a descendant of Ragnar Lothbrok’s brother Rollo (Clive Standen).

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