Waitrose closures will damage our house prices, homeowners complain as shut stores are replaced with Lidl


In Bromley the average house price is £502,961, Oadby £311,734 and Wollaton, £273,885.

A report published last year by Lloyds Bank found that homes near a Waitrose store enjoy the biggest premium, selling for £43,571 (12%) more than the average house prices in the area. 

However, properties close to budget supermarkets such as Lidl saw the largest house price rise by an average 15% (£29,316) over the previous four years, compared to 10% for all supermarkets.

Lidl confirmed plans to open three new stores as part of their “ongoing expansion programme”. 

They said: “In addition to ensuring that a supermarket remains at the heart of the respective local communities, the new stores will provide households with access to high quality affordable produce.” 

Retail Expert, Clare Bailey said: “What we’re seeing is a shift away from premium priced food retail and an appetite for discount retail despite the fact that the experience isn’t as good.”  

“I don’t think anybody considers it to be lesser quality but they do see it as a stripped back experience. 

Ms Bailey added that it was no longer “uncool to be frugal” as stigmas around shopping at budget supermarkets dissolve but that despite this house prices may still be influenced by perception. “If an area is perceived to be more affluent with a boutique retail environment this will have a positive impact on house prices.” 


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