Wash your tin foil before recycling, councils tell households


Wash your tin foil, councils are telling householders, as research shows it is the least recycled “recyclable” item.

Analysis of Wrap data found aluminium foil and foil trays are the most frequently thrown away item that can be recycled, with a quarter (25 per cent) of households admitting to chucking them in the bin.

This is despite the majority of councils now accepting foil as recycling, meaning they are contributing to unnecessary landfill. 

However many recycling plants will not accept foil if it is coated in food or grease, prompting councils to ask residents to wash their tin foil before separating it from general waste. 

Due to tin foil’s thin and flimsy nature this may not always be the easiest of tasks, so councils are teaming up with the Aluminium Recycling Packaging Organisation to provide some guidance.

In a bid to cut landfill waste, councils including Wealseden, Renfrewshire and Bracknell Forest are encouraging residents to always wash their kitchen foil thoroughly before recycling.


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