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Watch out, Trump! No10 to be 'tough' with US in Brexit trade talks and 'FIGHT for Britain'


Secretary of State for International Trade Liz Truss issued a warning to the US regarding a future post-Brexit trade deal with the UK. During a meeting with the International Trade Committee, Ms Truss argued the UK would be tough with the US and not accept a trade deal unless key issues are addressed. The Cabinet minister said trade restrictions, including a “buy American” procurement policy and “onerous testing regimes”, meant British companies could not access two-thirds of the US market.

She added: “Let me be clear, I am not going to strike a trade deal with the US unless all these points are dealt with.

“We want to upgrade our trade relationship to match the closeness of our security partnership.

“There is no doubt to me that when these barriers are removed it will be a big boost for British industry.”

Ms Truss also explained her negotiating strategy with the US to ensure the UK gets the best possible deal. 


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