Watch Tyson Fury dodge vicious 7-punch combo like Muhammad Ali in slo-mo as fans liken him to boxing legend after Tom Schwarz win


TYSON FURY drew comparisons with boxing great Muhammad Ali by dodging a ferocious SEVEN-punch combination from Tom Schwarz in a matter of seconds.

The Gypsy King romped to a second-round KO win in his Las Vegas debut on Sunday morning.

But it was his amazing ducking and dodging that saw him compared to The Greatest.

In the second round, German Schwarz, 25, had Fury against the ropes and unleashed his best shots in a desperate attempt to gain a foothold in the fight.

But the only thing his fists struck was thin air as the Brit demonstrated unbelievable agility before catching him with a punch of his own.

Bob Arum, Fury’s US promoter, gushed: “That was amazing. Tyson Fury is a force of nature. This was one of the great shows I’ve ever seen and not just because of the boxing. He’s an entertainer. He is truly unique.

“Now that he’s in shape, he can knock out every heavyweight in the world. I haven’t seen a fighter with that much charisma since Muhammad Ali.”

Fury’s nimble moves were not a one-off as he showed Matrix-like speed in training before the fight that even had Conor McGregor stunned.

Tyson Fury was too quick for Tom Schwarz and easily dodged his punches
Tyson Fury dodged a ferocious seven-punch combo from Tom Schwarz
AP:Associated Press
Muhammad Ali was renowned for his incredible reflexes inside the ring

Boxing fans who stayed up for the two-round demolition were happy they did so as they likened him to the late Ali.

UFC champion Max Holloway tweeted: “@Tyson_Fury floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Just beautiful.”

NFL star Tre Watson said: “My man Fury has been studying those old Ali tapes I see

One fan wrote: “Tyson Fury the English Ali.”

Another laughed: “Lmaoooooooo @ Fury with the Ali rope shuffle #FurySchwarz.”

Fury, who caused a stir by entering the ring like Apollo Creed, revealed he is planning to fight again in September in New York.

Before serenading wife Paris with a rendition of Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, he said: “I came here to have fun. I just want to thank Bob Arum, Top Rank, ESPN.

“Bob will tell you, September 21st or October 5th, and next year we’ll make Wilder give me that green belt.

“It was amazing, I hope America enjoyed it. I’m not one of those who take myself too seriously.

“September 21st or October 5th, I think in New York, then I’ll hunt down Wilder.

“I won’t look past today, but Bob and Frank will get deals done, then we’ll fight Wilder early next year.”



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