We make thousands of pounds selling our used knickers, socks and shoes to perverts online


FORGET airing your dirty laundry in public – these women are selling theirs online and raking in the cash.

They flog knickers, tights, socks and shoes on social media and auction sites – with pervy blokes forking out up to a hundred pounds for their ‘scented’ wares.

Natalie Jo Mason-Brown, Paige Fox and Eliza Wilde has made thousands of pounds flogging their dirty knickers, socks and shoes online
Nick Obank – The Sun

The kinky exchanges used to be the preserve of porn stars who would charge their adoring fans a fortune to purchase ‘extras’.

But after Orange Is The New Black screened a story line with prison inmates running a panty-wearing business in 2015, Google searches for the ‘used underwear’ trade soared and Pantydeal.com (one of the largest used-knickers selling sites) saw daily sign-ups increase from 150 to 1,000.

Now, everyone from bored housewives on Mumsnet to cash-strapped students are making extra funds by selling worn garments to fetishists.

There are even blogs advising women how to do it, such as Emma Drew’s post on selling smelly and trashed shoes on eBay.

Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black helped bring the idea of flogging your old undies to the masses mainstream
Air stewardesses are selling their used tights for £20 online
Air stewardesses are selling their used tights for £20 online
MEN Media

Last month it was revealed that some British air hostesses are selling their used uniforms online  – with dirty shoes fetching as much as £75 a pair.

While selling pre-loved underwear isn’t illegal on eBay, it’s now banned it and says it “works quickly” to remove items that breach rules.

But a quick check of the site reveals plenty of sellers trying to flog lots of pairs of pre-loved shoes with obvious keywords such as “well worn”.

Here, three women reveal how when it comes to making money, one woman’s trash really is another man’s treasure…

‘I make £20k a year selling my sweaty socks to men who worship my feet’

Paige Fox, 34, lives in Eastbourne and owns a concierge company. She earns up to £5,000 a month from her bizarre side hobby. 

Paige was inspired to sell her old socks after being recommended by a work colleague
Nick Obank – The Sun

Within the first six months of selling my used socks and shoes on Instagram I was making £5,000 a month. That was about four years ago.

I got into it after one of the artists I was representing in the music industry kept perving over my feet and told me I could make money.

He set up the social media account and would post photos of my feet, emphasising how sweaty they were and how smelly my shoes and socks were – within a month, it had 10,000 followers. I also share full-body shots of me in filthy socks so buyers can see my face.

Socks worn for a week would fetch £20 plus postage

Paige Fox

Paige shows her face to buyers but never discloses her address
Paige shares photos of her sock-less feet online to encourage buyers

Men would message me directly to ask what they could buy. I would sell a pair of cheap shoes from Primark for between £50 to £100. Socks worn for a week would fetch £20 plus postage.

I try not to think about what the buyers do with my smelly goods – I doubt my imagination is that creative to be honest.

They’d always ask if they could worship my feet in person, but it was never an option.

The sweatier and smellier the socks, the more Paige earns
Nick Obank – The Sun

I did have one request that freaked me out. Someone sent me a picture of someone’s feet – sole side up, toes down – on a plate with a knife and fork with a salad around it.

He wanted me to take a photo like that so he could imagine eating my feet. Gross.

Loads of the men send me gifts. I had a special PO Box for it, I don’t what buyers to know where I live.

They start off by buying my used goods, they’ll then try and build a rapport with me before lavishing me with expensive gifts. I was once sent a pair of Louis Vuitton heels from Harrods.

He wanted me to take a photo like that so he could imagine eating my feet. Gross

Paige Fox

My family all know about my side hobby, and I’ve never had any negative feedback.

I’ve actually had dozens of women contact me on Instagram wanting to know how they could do it.

I’m happy to help and recently launched my own platform, called My Private Fan Club where I earn a percentage of services – such as webcam – for each model.

There are so many niche markets that you can make money from – but that don’t involve sex!

Sex expert Tracey Cox on men who buy used clothing

You’d expect the type of man who’d buy used underwear or tights to be one who isn’t getting regular sex. While that is true in lots of cases, it’s not true in all.

It’s a secret, guilty pleasure. It’s forbidden – not too many wives would be happy finding out their husband bought worn underwear or tights – which delivers an erotic thrill in itself.

But it’s sniffing the intimate scent of another woman, who isn’t our partner, which is the turn on.

Our natural body odour is highly arousing. The body recognises the scent of someone new and responds far more enthusiastically to this than something it’s smelt lots of times before.

Smell works on a primal level, which is why using feminine deodorant can actually decrease a man’s sexual pleasure, not make it more pleasant.

The man who is buying used socks, has a foot fetish that can’t be satisfied another way.

‘Men pay £20-30 for a pair of my pants I’ve been wearing all day’

Natalie-Jo Mason-Brown is a 20-year-old lap dancer from Lancaster. She’s been selling used knickers online for two years and has made £12,000 in total.

Natalie Jo Mason-Brown has been flogging her used undies online for two years
Nick Obank – The Sun

I’ve been selling worn knickers and shoes on Snapchat for two years – earning £300-£500 a month.

I charge between £20-£30 for knickers, which I’ll wear for a day – they’d be minging if you wore them for any longer.

I’m single, but have had boyfriends – they’ve not been overjoyed with what I do, so when I have a partner, I pack it in.

I’ve been selling worn knickers and shoes on Snapchat for two years – earning £300-£500 a month

Natalie Jo Mason-Brown

Natalie Jo shares provocative selfies to draw in buyers

I get loads of messages from men, including things that have made me feel uncomfortable.

The weirdest request I’ve ever had was to sell a used sex toy without washing it first. But I said no, it was too far.

But there are also nice men who send me gifts, such as underwear, perfume… anything I want really, but I give them a PO address as I don’t want to reveal where I live. They fancy me and want to take care of me. One guy spent about £1,000 on me over a weekend.

Natalie Jo wears her pants for a day before selling them online
Nick Obank – The Sun

I also sell ‘trashed’ shoes. My old trainers, that I wear normally and I’m going to bin anyway sell, for £50. The most I’ve earned is £80 and that was for a pair of Kurt Geiger heels.

If they’re new shoes, I keep them for about a week to try to really wear them in as it’s the smell that they like.

I don’t know what happens to the things I sell, and I don’t try to think about it! To me it’s just another route of making money.

I love buying designer handbags and shoes with the cash from my used goods hobby

Natalie Jo Mason-Brown

I was a business administrator but after losing my job, I needed to make money fast for a holiday. After joking with my friends about stripping, I went and did it. I can earn £3,000 a night as a lap dancer.

I also make money selling nude selfies and videos, on OnlyFans where followers pay a subscription fee.

I love buying designer handbags and shoes with the cash from my used goods hobby. I’m also saving for a really nice car, and I want to get on to the property ladder.

Whenever I’m having a bad day my friends remind me that I’m doing all this for a reason – to better my life and to be in a financially secure position by the time I’m 30.

How to stay safe when selling trashed goods online

Make sure you stay safe and are not made to feel uncomfortable at any time.

Don’t allow sellers to pick up the goods from you, and make sure you keep your messages between the website’s messaging system – don’t hand out your email address.

If you are going to have an Amazon wish list, then remove your surname and make sure items aren’t just from marketplace sellers. Amazon already knows your address, marketplace sellers will want to know.

Remember, if you are feeling uncomfortable at any time, you can always report a buyer’s behaviour to the moderator.

‘Men like to buy my old shoes when they’re sweaty and covered in toe prints’

Eliza Wilde, 33 is a dancer and model from London. She’s made £2,000 in the past year from selling worn shoes.

Eliza Wilde has made £2,000 from flogging her old heels
Nick Obank – The Sun

A guy messaged me on Twitter about a year ago. He wanted to buy the leather trousers I was wearing in a photo, then he asked if he could buy my smelly old shoes and it went from there.

I now sell on Instagram, OnlyFans and recently on eBay, and charge up to £100 a pair. The sales are becoming more frequent, and I can make about £200 in a good month.

They like the shoes to be really dirty and smelly – they don’t like you to clean them. They specifically ask me to make sure I can see my toe print in them.

They like the shoes to be really dirty and smelly – they don’t like you to clean them

Eliza Wilde

Eliza shows off her racy heels with a sexy snap
Eliza earns a decent sum from her unusual side hobby

But I’m not one of those people who suffer with smelly feet, so it’s really hard to make sure they smell!

The shoes are plastic, so they’ll be able to see sweat marks, fake tan, moisturiser, but they want you to leave them like it and not wipe them off.

One guy now sends me pairs of shoes to wear, so I take photos of myself and send them back to him.

Eliza says buyers like to see toe prints in the shoes she’s selling
Nick Obank – The Sun

It’s all their little fetishes. But it doesn’t bother me, I don’t care. So long as I’m getting my money.

I’ve recently started using eBay but it’s tricky on there – you have to be careful otherwise they’ll take the listings off; I’ve already had one removed. I’ve had to set up a new account.

I label my shoes as ‘well worn’ and men will message and ask questions. They’ll often ask me to send pictures, but I won’t send them any of me wearing them unless they pay me extra – I charge around £20-£50.

One guy now sends me pairs of shoes to wear, take photos of myself and send them back to him

Eliza Wilde

My friends and family all know. I’ve had a few comments but most of my family are really supportive. I don’t care what people think.

I’ve had a few problems with boyfriends in the past not being comfortable with it. But I’ve been dating someone for about four months and he’s cool about everything, he’s not bothered.

I used to work as a hairdresser and started doing pole dancing for fitness. I then got a job dancing on poles in a nightclub, and now do dancing in strip clubs – so I spend all night in the shoes I’m going to sell!

Meanwhile, Emma, a 20-something blogger from Cambridgeshire, has made over £2,000 by selling her old footwear on eBay.


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