We were desperate to get Love Island lip fillers but our mums begged us not to


AS Love Island draws to a close tonight, thousands of teens and twenty-somethings will be Googling how to get “Maura’s lips” or defined cheekbones to look like their favourite contestants.

Last year one clinic reported a 200 per cent rise in demand for lip fillers after Megan Barton-Hanson, who is reported to have spent £40,000 on surgery, went into the villa.

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This year’s series of Love Island is almost over, which means thousands of teens and twenty-somethings will soon be Googling how to get ‘Anna’s lips’ or ‘Maura’s cheekbones’[/caption]

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Achieving the ‘Love Island look’ has become increasingly popular with more women and girls getting cosmetic surgery to look like their villa favourites[/caption]

Record number of young women in Britain now opt for the anti-wrinkle jab Botox.

With calls for a ban on giving fillers to under-18s, what about the twenty-somethings who have already filled their face and lips?

Here, three women say why they adore the Love Island look – as their mums plead with them to stop.

‘It makes me feel more confident…but I don’t want to look like a doll’

Pat and Anna

PATRYCJA Lewinska, 26, first had lip fillers three years ago and now also has Botox every six months. She refuses to stop despite her mum Anna’s pleas.

Nursing student Patrycja, who is in a relationship with Joe, 27, a bar supervisor, and lives in Hexham, Northumberland, with her mum, says:

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Despite her mum Anna’s pleas for her to stop, Patrycja Lewinska has lip fillers and regularly gets Botox[/caption]

“I aim for perfection and when I look in the mirror, I want to please myself rather than anyone else.

Having plump lips and no wrinkles makes me feel more confident, prettier and sexier.

Three years ago, I spent £180 on lip fillers and when I told my mum, she tried to talk me out if it. But I went through with it anyway.

A lot of my friends were getting theirs done and I loved the look.

Patrycja says she feels more confident, pretty and sexy than before

Six months later I had them topped up – and Mum said I looked like a fish. I am glad she was honest, and I did have a break. A year later, I couldn’t resist having them done again.

A couple of years ago I started having Botox between my eyebrows and around my lips. Now, I keep it up every six months.

Last year I had a breast enlargement. I went from a B cup to a D. I wear eyelash extensions every day and have my eyebrows microbladed.

When I look in the mirror, I see a completely different girl to the one I was before.

I’m happier in my own skin. I can take on anything. Some of the girls on Love Island are gorgeous but there are some that maybe took things a little too far.

I don’t want to look like a doll. I won’t go over the top. But we can’t deny there is a certain appeal to that plastic-perfect look.”

Nurse Anna Lewinska, 50, who also lives with her partner Martin Soltys, 40, a baker, says: “Botox smooths out wrinkles and Patrycja doesn’t have any. She is beautiful and had the perfect face already.

I don’t want to look like a doll. I won’t go over the top. But we can’t deny there is a certain appeal to that plastic-perfect look.

Pat Lewinska

“If she asks for my opinion, I always tell the truth. When she first told me she wanted the lip fillers, I tried to talk her out of it. I was angry.

“She doesn’t like criticism, so it took me a while to broach the subject. I tried to convince her but she didn’t listen.

“She is too crazy about looking a certain way and I tell her all the time to be careful.

“Lots of young girls can fall into Botox addiction, and they can get a plastic, expressionless look. Being natural is so much better.

“My generation didn’t care about their looks.

“Love Island puts a lot of emphasis on appearance and sets a very bad example to young women.”

‘I wanted Kylie lips…and cheekbones like Kendall Jenner’

Andrea and Rikki

EVENTS co-ordinator Rikki Lemmon, 24, has had fillers to reshape her jaw, lips and chin and her mum Andrea disapproves.

Single Rikki, who lives with her mum in Eastbourne, East Sussex, says:

Olivia West

Rikki Lemmon wanted to get Kylie Jenner lips and cheekbones like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, so she underwent cosmetic surgery[/caption]

“Growing up, I hated my face. At school the pretty girls made fun of me and I was dubbed “potato face”. I wanted the angles and strong definition that reality stars flaunted.

Since Love Island started I have been a huge fan. I would love to appear on the show but I know without chiselled looks I wouldn’t stand a chance. This year, I love Maura.

In March 2016 I realised no amount of contouring would give me the jawline I craved.

I wanted Kylie lips and cheekbones of girls like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

She says she used to hate her face and that the other girls in school would make fun of her for her looks

All my mates were having filler and the castings I attended for modelling or reality TV jobs were full of girls who’d often come straight from having filler top-ups.

When I told Mum I was having fillers to improve my jawline she kicked right off. She was appalled and lectured me about the dangers. She told me I was beautiful and when she was growing up no one would ever consider such a procedure.

She said I would become addicted and be under the knife by the time I was 30. In June 2016 I told the practitioner I found on Facebook I wanted the Love Island look. Filler was injected into my jawline and chin.

There was bruising but after the swelling went down my saggy jowls had been replaced with sharper angles. A few months later I went back for another session.

I then had fillers in my lips to give them a pout. Every three to five months I have top-ups and so far I have spent £1,500. It’s worth it.

When I take a selfie or pose for a picture I don’t have to worry about my “best side” because I look good from all angles.

I respect Mum being angry and upset. But we disagree about a lot of things. It’s my face and my choice.”

When I take a selfie or pose for a picture I don’t have to worry about my ‘best side’ because I look good from all angles.

Rikki Lemmon

Andrea Lafave, 51, a catering truck owner, who is divorced, says: “When Rikki told me she was having fillers I wanted to lock her in her room.

“She’s a stunning girl and I have seen her follow every fashion trend. I was terrified this one would leave her disfigured. What’s a trend today will be suddenly unpopular because some Instagram influencers declare it so.

“If that happens I am worried the self-esteem of my daughter and thousands like her will be ruined.

“I am ageing gracefully and the fact she wants to put off ageing is something I do understand.

“But I have never had fillers or Botox. Loving your natural face and body must come first.”

‘I didn’t feel I was pretty enough..fillers boosted my confidence’

Jodie and Joanne

SINGLE Jodie Carnall, 27, started having Botox and fillers three years ago and her mum Joanne was horrified.

Office worker Jodie, who lives with her mum in Hinckley, Leicestershire, says:

David Cummings

Joanne Carnall was horrified when her daughter Jodie got lip fillers three years ago[/caption]

“In 2016 I auditioned for Take Me Out and all the girls were stunning. They all had fillers and Botox.

I didn’t feel I was pretty enough. I decided to get fillers so I could fit in and as a way of boosting my confidence. I’d been bullied in high school and also suffered adult acne.

I booked an appointment with a registered nurse and told Mum first. She begged me not to go through with it.

Mum works in a pharmacy and told me stories of people who had come in asking how to fix badly injected fillers.

Jodie says she didn’t feel she was pretty enough when she auditioned for Take Me Out and she compared herself to all the other girls

She didn’t want me looking like every other girl on television.

She told my relatives who tried to talk me out of it. I told them it was my body, my face and they needed to trust my decision.

I had my first procedure in June 2016 and Mum gasped in horror when I came home with ice pack on my lips and some minor bruising.

I didn’t feel I was pretty enough. I decided to get fillers so I could fit in and as a way of boosting my confidence.

Jodie Carnall

But less than a year later I had more filler. I love the way it changed my face.

I did appear on Take Me Out but when I watched it back, I hated the small wrinkles the cameras showed up. My mum said I was crazy.

In 2018 I had a small amount of Botox in my forehead.

Now I have Botox every six months and lip fillers every six to 12 months. It’s cost me a total of £1,500 so far and worth every penny.

I’m a Love Island superfan and have applied a number of times to do the show. Molly-Mae is my favourite. I love her look.”

Pharmacy assistant Joanne Bryant, 55, who is divorced and also mum to Laura, 30, says: “When Jodie told me she was having lip filers I was angry.

“She’s my beautiful daughter and thinking that she felt she needed a foreign substance injected into her lips to be accepted was petrifying.

“In my job I see women in pain from injections and sometimes Botox has paralysed nerves. I also worried that Jodie would start and not be able to stop like some celebrities.

“When she told me she had wrinkles I told her she was crazy and begged her to take a few months to reconsider Botox.

“She is a natural beauty and I don’t want her trying to look like everyone else.

“I want my daughter to love herself for herself not for the chemicals that shape her face.”


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