'Weed killing' on beach is putting seals at risk, warn marine conservationists


Many conservationists have condemned the council for their use of weed spray.

Oceans campaigner Carrie Symonds said: “Why are councils spraying herbicides on UK beaches? Mad”.

Swimmer Lewis Pugh, who is the UN Patron of the Oceans, added: “Why on earth would you spray a beach with herbicide?? STOP IT! We are not the only animals that live on this planet.”

Former Countryfile presenter Julia Brabury tweeted: “Why are you weed spraying on a beach /close to a beach when the toxins can enter the sea? Why are you weed spraying, period? Who is advising you about your environmental responsibilities & behaviours?”

Wirral Council said in a statement: “We are undertaking the annual spraying to control the grasses on the beach, including invasive species, primarily Spartina.

“The spraying is undertaken as part of an agreement with the appropriate regulatory bodies, in this case Natural England. Spraying is undertaken by qualified staff using a glyphosate-based product, which is fully licensed.”



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