Weight loss diet: This plan can help you lose 10lb in one week – what can you eat?


There are lots of reasons why someone may want to lose weight and doing this slowly is often the healthiest option.  Still, there are some diet plans which can help dieters change their lives and offer quick results.  Following a low-carb diet could be the best way to beat the bulge and there are different versions of this plan on offer.  Slimmers following this could see results of up to 10lb in one week by eating certain foods.

Those on a low-carb diet are likely to cut back on foods such as bread, pasta, rice and sugar.

Following this diet can reduce levels on insulin in slimmers blood and by doing this the body is less likely to store fat, according to research published on healthline.com by Kris Gunnars BSc.

Cutting back on foods high in carbs can also stop the body from storing sodium, which will make slimmers appear less bloated.

Research showed slimmers can lose 5-10lb in the first week, although most of this will be water weight, according to the website.

For most people, weight loss will slow down after this, dieters will start to lose more weight which is likely to be fat loss.

What’s more, studies have shown this weight is likely to come from the abdominal cavity, which means belly fat will be first to go.

Dieters can decide how high they want their carb intake to be, and depending on the slimmer they can eat between 20 and 150 carbs per day to be classed as low-carb.

Eating low-carb does not have to require too much planning, and there are many fitness apps available to help slimmers track how many carbs they eat in a day.

Adding protein, healthy fats and vegetables to every meal can be a way to avoid high-carb foods.

Foods such as meat, fish, nuts, seeds and full-fat dairy products are also often staples of this diet.


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