What happened on Love Island last night? Recap of episode 22 with all the highlights and gossip


MAURA Higgins lived up to her feisty self and confronted Tom Walker over comments he’d made about the grid girl to Jordan Hames,  while Lucie Donlan clashed with Islanders over her friendship with Tommy Fury in last night’s episode of Love Island.

Shortly after, the drama continued as the villa was rocked with the news that TWO contestants were to set to face the boot – but who ended up going home and what else happened?

love island elimination
A shock double elimination rocked the villa on Love Island

What happened in last night’s episode?

Maura didn’t hesitate to let Tom know that she was aware of what he had said about her to Jordan earlier in the week, which the model was totally taken aback by.

“The first few days that you were in, I was like, I couldn’t work it out and then I realised ‘oh my god, he must have really relaxed’ because you were like a different person,” Maura explained.

“And then I heard comments about you saying that you weren’t sure if we were compatible.”

While Tom made the effort of trying to defend himself, explaining that the two were still in the process of getting to know each other, Maura seemed irritated by the thought that her Island partner didn’t think that they’re totally compatible.

love iisland maura
Maura broke down in tears after finding out what Tom had said to Jordan about her

In the Beach Hut, Maura vented: “I don’t want a man that’s going to speak about me behind my back.”

“And if he’s said something, honestly I can’t see us going back from this if he has, because I’ve asked straight out to his face ‘have you said something?’ and he said no. So if he’s lied, he can f*** off basically.”

Maura knew she needed to speak to Jordan in order of getting to the bottom of things, which only made things worse when he shockingly confessed to having a private chat about the grid girl with Tom.

At this point, it was clear that the Irish bombshell was done with the handsome chap from Leeds, having told him in the garden that she didn’t want to be anywhere near him.

love island tommy molly horse
Meanwhile, Molly and Tommy enjoyed a horseback ride for their date

Elsewhere, Tommy and Molly-Mae Hague were treated to an adventurous date outside of the villa following a text, which revealed: “Tommy and Molly-Mae you’re going on a date, please get ready to leave the villa #saddleup #toohottotrot.”

Back in the villa, the Islanders discussed the potential chance of Lucie and Tommy getting back together, leading Curtis Pritchard to add: “I have heard something through the grapevine, that somebody asked Lucie ‘would you go there with Tommy, is that a complete closed door?’ and she said ‘never say never’.”

Danny didn’t agree with how Lucie was handling the situation, branding her as disrespectful if she was to get in the way of the boxer’s relationship with Molly-Mae.

During a chat with the girls later on, the blonde argued that she wasn’t going to stop being herself around Tommy just because people feel uncomfortable about it.

She insisted: “I’m not going to stop talking to him or stop acting like I did before around him, because I think that’s not really fair. It’s not normal. I don’t know if it’s him or her that’s come to this agreement. It’s weird to put an agreement on a friendship.”

Further on, Caroline Flack had stunned the Islanders with her arrival at the villa, and it seemed clear that everyone knew something was set to go down.

A surprise dumping was on the cards, as Caroline revealed: “Islanders, I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’m here. I’ve got some very important news for you.

“The public have been voting for their favourite couple. Three couples have been saved by the public. The remaining Islanders are all at risk of being dumped tonight. I’m now going to reveal the three couples who are safe and will continue their stay on the Island.”

The Islanders gathered around the fire pit before Caroline revealed the three couples who’d been saved – Tommy and Molly-Mae, Lucie and Anton and Michael and Amber.

The saved couples divided up into groups of boys and groups of girls, with the boys (Tommy, Anton Danyluk and Michael Griffiths) deciding which girl to dump, and the girls (Molly-Mae, Lucie and Amber Gill) deciding which boy to dump.

Subsequently, Arabella Chi and Tom were sent home.

love island lucie tommy
Lucie was offended that people had questioned her relationship with Tommy in the villa

What days of the week is Love Island on ITV2?

You can catch Love Island every weekday and on Sundays on ITV2 from 9pm.

Saturday nights sees Love Island: Unseen Bits replace the main show, offering viewers a round-up of all the best moments from the week.

You can also watch Caroline Flack‘s spin-off show Love Island: Aftersun on Sunday nights from 10pm on ITV2, where she discusses the latest action with famous guests.



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