What happened on Love Island tonight? Recap of episode 48 with all the latest news, highlights and gossip


ISLANDERS were treated to a visit from their parents in tonight’s thrilling episode of Love Island, but it was Maura who seemed nervous about meeting Curtis’ family.

And despite a fun-filled day with their loved ones, another elimination showdown commenced, as one more couple was dumped from the show before tomorrow’s final.

Maura and Curtis were stunned after receiving a photo of both of their families together

What happened in episode 48?

While the Islanders relaxed in the garden, Curtis was stunned to receive a photo via text showing his parents posing for a selfie with Maura’s family.

The Irish grid girl gasped in shock, telling her fellow contestants that she’d just seen an image of her mother, and it wasn’t long after that when everybody started speculating whether their family members were set to enter the villa.

Soon after, Maura was greeted with a warm welcome from her mum, who had been accompanied by her boyfriend while Curtis’ parents were likewise present.

Curtis squandered no time in taking his family over to the sun deck before talking about his experience on the show, with his dad joking: “I’ve seen some of your dance moves but not the ones I taught you!”

Meanwhile, Curtis’ mum seemed to be fond of her son’s relationship with Maura, after stressing that she truly believed the two were ideal for one another.

While Maura initially worried about meeting Curtis’ family, it seemed she had absolutely nothing to worry about

Maura’s mother, on the other hand, seemed to imply that she was happy with any man her daughter was romantically involved with – so long as that person treated her well.

“He’s nice. I’m trusting your judgment. And I know you’re not a bad judge of character. If you’re happy, then I am happy,” she spouted.

It wasn’t long after Maura and Curtis had separate talks with their families before joining the two together, but it appeared as if all that the model could think about was the embarrassing things she’d said throughout her time on the show (see: fanny flutters).

Maura hesitated at the thought of meeting Curtis’ parents because there was some clear doubt in her mind that his family would like her.

In the Beach Hut, she stated: “I say some random stuff in here and I’m not sure if parents would like that!”

Belle’s dad Tamer seemed excited to finally meet Anton

Fortunately for Maura, she didn’t have anything to stress over, as Curtis’ parents gave anything but the impression that they didn’t take a liking to the gorgeous model.

The group took a selfie before both families made an exit from the villa as a new batch of visitors were gearing up to enter.

Ovie’s brother and cousin surprised the basketball player, along with India’s mum and sister, who additionally showed up to the occasion.

Oddly enough, Ovie appeared to catch cold feet when letting it sink in that he was about to meet his partner’s sister, particularly “because India told me she’s a tough cookie.”

Once more, nonetheless, the athlete obviously had nothing to stress over since India’s family only had positive things to say about him.

“We’ve been so excited to meet you. We said if she drew her perfect boyfriend, it would definitely be you,” India’s sister said, while her mother added: “She’s absolutely smitten, I can tell. You’ve definitely got all of our approval.”

Molly was overjoyed to have been reunited with her loved ones

Next up was Molly-Mae and Tommy’s family – while the latter’s famous sibling Tyson Fury was absent, his mum and brother were there to show their support.

Tommy explained in the Beach Hut: “To see them walk through the door, it was one of the best feelings I’ve had in my entire life. I can’t put into words how happy I am to see both of them.”

Molly’s mum went on to tell her daughter that she was incredibly proud of what she’d achieved during her time in the villa and that Tommy seemed like the ideal man for her, which reassured the social media influencer that she could definitely see a future with the boxer outside the villa.

When both mums came together, Molly’s mother joked that Tommy was lacking some much-needed cooking skills, saying: “You’ve brought this lad up well! But you’ve not taught him how to cook very well!”

Tommy’s mum laughed when she responded by admitting to spoiling her son, adding that she “should’ve taught him some life skills.”

Tommy mentioned that his mother hadn’t flown in over a decade, so her arrival in the villa took him by surprise

Amber and Greg’s families then arrived at the villa and there was nothing but love and positivity from both sides.

The bombshell from Newcastle had all the support from her mother, who said: “You’ve been on such a journey darling. But you’ve handled it like a boss. You’ve been so strong.”

Greg’s mom reverberated comparative words to her child, letting him know: “You look really natural together. I think she’s [Amber] lovely!”

When the two families came together, Amber was gifted with a present from Greg’s family, prompting Amber’s dad to say: “We’ve haven’t got you anything, so you can have my right flip-flop!”

Finally, Anton’s mother and uncle entered the villa, alongside Belle’s mum and dad.

Belle was obviously happy to be reunited with her dad

When the gym owner asked his mother what she thought about his Love Island partner, she openly confessed: “I didn’t like her at first. But I get her. And what I like about her is she’s stood up for you the whole time. She’s got your back.”

And Belle’s dad had nothing but positive things to say about Belle’s beau, saying: “You’ve had a few frosty moments. But you’ve done alright.”

Both families appeared to get along well, with Anton’s mum gifting Belle a razor which seemed to imply that she was ready to retire from shaving her son’s bum.

After a fun-filled day with their parents, Caroline Flack entered the villa and gathered all Islanders at the fire pit for the final elimination results.


Caroline strutted her way into the villa ahead of the final elimination

Amber & Greg and Molly-Mae & Tommy were saved from elimination because they hadn’t accumulated any votes from their fellow Islanders, consequently leaving the others in danger.

Caroline then tells the Islanders that the public had been voting to save their favourite couple and that the pair with the fewest votes would be dumped from the island.

It was Belle and Anton who wound up receiving the boot and were subsequently sent packing.

This meant that Tommy & Molly, Amber & Greg, Ovie & India and Curtis & Maura had all made it to the final.

Belle and Anton accumulated the most votes and were therefore sent home

When is the final of Love Island on ITV2?

The final of Love Island is taking place on Monday, July 29.

You can watch how the drama unfolds on ITV2 from 9pm-10.30pm.

The final four couples will be in with a chance of winning £50,000.

Until then, get your fix of the show every night on ITV2 at 9pm where the main programme, narrated by Iain Stirling, gives you the lowdown on all the goings-on in the villa – from couples cracking on to singletons getting mugged off.

On Saturday, July 27, Stirling will give fans a look back at the past week in the villa at 9pm.

The penultimate episode takes place at 9pm on Sunday, July 28, followed by Caroline Flack‘s spin off show Aftersun at 10pm, where she discusses the latest action with celebrity guests, as well as those eliminated from the villa.​


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