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What is going on! Secret video broadcast from North Korea – haunting message received


The video, titled “0100011001-001”, features of a voice reading out detailed – but coded – instructions. The video was uploaded to the YouTube channel of a North Korean broadcast channel early this morning. The female voice can be heard expressionlessly saying: “Dear friends, here is what you need to review for information technology studies of a remote education university.”

After saying this, she begins to recite what appears to be a string of mysterious page references.

The video is 65-seconds long and has no other imagery attached to it.

The video ends with the comment: “These are the tasks for 719 exploration team members.”

The cryptic voice signs off by saying: “Here is Pyongyang.”

The reclusive regime usually sends these coded broadcasts out via radio stations.

This is the first time Pyongyang has sent out such a message on YouTube.

Over the years North Korea has used state radio for sending coded messages to spies, especially those in South Korea.

The messages also have instructions for recipients to refer to certain page numbers.

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During the Cold War people across the world would occasionally happen upon strange “number station” broadcasts.

These number stations were broadcast on shortwave bandwidths.

They sometimes consisted of a child’s voice reciting a list of binary code or speaking a cryptic message that only the designated agent could decipher.

All an agent in the field needed in Cold War days was a radio and the correct frequency to be able to tune into the number station.

Now it seems that North Korea is utilising the internet to communicate with their international, hidden operatives.


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