What is New Brexit party backed by Nigel Farage called and who will join?


NIGEL Farage and his Brexit Party stunned as they took the country by storm, electing 29 MEPs.

The former Ukip leader had promised to deliver a massive “wake-up call” to Tories and Labour. How well did the party do?

Nigel Farage said the new party has his full support
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What is Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party?

The Brexit Party was officially registered with the Electoral Commission to have candidates in the European Parliament elections earlier this year.

The party said their plan was to take on the Tories and Labour in the next General Election, Sun Online can reveal.

Farage said he wants to run candidates for Parliament to stop Remainer MPs blocking Brexit.

Initially, Farage said the new party should be a warning to MPs considering backing any effort, to extend Article 50 in order to allow more time for negotiations.

Mr Farage quit Ukip in December 2018 saying he was uncomfortable with the direction of the party under Gerard Batten.

The Ukip leader says he’ll stand for the Brexit Party if the UK is still in the EU at the time of May’s European Elections
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Results across the country in full after Brexit Party victory

East of England (7 MEPs)

Brexit Party 38%, Lib Dems 23%, Greens 13%, Tories 10%, Labour 9%, Change UK 4%, Ukip 3%

Brexit Party 3 MEPs, Lib Dems 2, Greens 1, Tories 1

East Midlands (5 MEPs)

Brexit Party 38%, Lib Dems 17%, Labour 14%, Tories 11%, Greens 11%, Ukip 5%, Change UK 4%

Brexit Party 3 MEPs, Lib Dems 1, Labour 1

London (8 MEPs)

Lib Dems 27%, Labour 24, Brexit Party 18%, Greens 12%, Tories 8%, Change UK 5%, Ukip 2%

Lib Dems 3 MEPs, Labour 2, Brexit Party 2, Greens 1

North East (3 MEPs)

Brexit Party 39%, Labour 19%, Lib Dems 17%, Greens 8%, Tories 7%, Ukip 6%, Change UK 4%

Brexit Party 2 MEPs, Labour 1

North West (8 MEPs)

Brexit Party 31%, Labour 22%, Lib Dems 17%, Greens 13%, Tories 8%, Ukip 4%, Change UK 3%

Brexit Party 3 MEPs, Labour 2, Lib Dems 2, Greens 1

South East (10 MEPs)

Brexit Party 36%, Lib Dems 26%, Greens 14%, Tories 10%, Labour 7%, Change UK 4%, Ukip 2%

Brexit Party 4 MEPs, Lib Dems 3, Greens 1, Tories 1, Labour 1

South West (6 MEPs)

Brexit Party 37%, Lib Dems 23%, Greens 18%, Tories 9%, Labour 7% Ukip 3%, Change UK 3%

Brexit Party 3, Lib Dems 2, Greens 1

West Midlands (7 MEPs)

Brexit Party 38%, Labour 17%, Lib Dems 16%, Greens 11%, Tories 10%, Ukip 5%, Change UK 3%

Brexit Party 3 MEPs, Labour 1, Lib Dems 1, Greens 1, Tories 1

Yorkshire & Humber (6 MEPs)

Brexit Party 37%, Labour 16%, Lib Dems 16%, Greens 13%, Tories 7%, Ukip 4%, Yorkshire Party 4%, Change UK 2%

Brexit Party 3 MEPs, Labour 1, Lib Dems 1, Greens 1

Wales (4 MEPs)

Brexit Party 33%, Plaid Cymru 20%, Labour 15%, Lib Dems 14%, Tories 7%, Greens 6%, Ukip 3%

Brexit Party 2 MEPs, Plaid Cymru 1, Labour 1

Scotland (6 MEPs)

SNP 38%, Brexit Party 15%, Lib Dems 14%, Tories 12%, Scottish Labour 9%, Greens 8%

SNP 3 MEPs, Brexit Party 1, Lib Dems 1, Tories 1

Northern Ireland (3 MEPs)

DUP 1 MEP, Sinn Fein 1, Alliance 1

Did Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister join?

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister Annunziata quit the Tories to join Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party.

The top Brexiteer’s sibling, 40, has caused a family split by joining ranks with Mr Farage’s new venture as it was launched.

She was unveiled as a surprise candidate earlier today for the party which is on track to cause a Tory bloodbath at the polls next month.

Her brother Jacob, the MP for North East Somerset, told The Sun it was “careless” to lose people from both wings of the party – just weeks after three Tories quit to join The Independent Group.

She was elected as an MEP following the UK elections on May 23.


What will happen to the new Brexit Party?

The party was wildly successful in the European Parliament elections.

29 MEPs were elected for the Brexit Party.

The Tories only secured four seats and Labour got 10.

The Lib Dems bagged 16 seats and the Green Party won seven.

The SNP got three seats, and Plaid Cymru and the DUP got one each.

The Brexit Party leader hit out at the idea that pro-EU parties had done better than Leavers.

Parties which support leaving the EU won 44 per cent of votes in last week’s European Parliament elections – with the firmly pro-Remain parties taking just over 40 per cent.

Leaving aside Labour, whose muddled position was designed to appeal to both sides, that suggests there’s still a majority for Brexit across the country.



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