What was Andy Anderson’s cause of death, when did The Cure drummer die and what have his bandmates said?


BRITISH drummer Andy Anderson has sadly passed away at the age of 68.

What was Andy Anderson’s cause of death and what have his bandmates said? Here’s what we know.


Andy Anderson has sadly passed away at the age of 68[/caption]

Who was Andy Anderson?

Andy Anderson was a British drummer for the band The Cure.

Born Clifford Leon Anderson, in London, he joined the band in 1983 after former drummer Lol moved to keyboardist after the recording of album Pornography.

He made his first appearance on single The Lovecats from the album Japanese Whispers in 1983.

The musician died at the age of 68.


Andy Anderson was born Clifford Leon Anderson in London[/caption]

What was cause of his death and when did he die?

He lost his battle with cancer just weeks after he announced that he had been diagnosed with the disease on a Facebook post.

What have his bandmates said?

The musician who has also worked with Iggy Pop, Peter Gabriel was reportedly surrounded by friends and loved ones when he died at his home.

He had written on Facebook earlier this month: “No boo-hooing here, just be positive.

“For me, it’s just another life experience and hurdle, that one has to make, yet another choice in life.

“Be cool, I most definitely am and positive about the situation.”


Second on the right, Andy made his debut with the band with the single The Lovecats[/caption]

His former bandmate Lol Tolhurt said: “Andy Anderson was a true gentleman and a great musician with a wicked sense of humor which he kept until the end, a testament to his beautiful spirit on the last journey.

“We are all blessed to  have known him.”



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