What's not to like? A gender equal world would be wealthier, healthier and more peaceful 


Imagine a world where we elected as many women as men into office, where women had control and choice over their own bodies, and where we weren’t leaving trillions of dollars on the table by keeping half the population from fully participating in national economies.

Those of us advocating daily for gender equality often focus on what’s holding women back.

Instead, let’s focus on the world we can move towards. If – or rather when – our work is done, what would a gender equal world look like?

The answer is that women would not be the only ones to benefit; a gender equal world would be wealthier, healthier, more peaceful and more equitable.

If women participated in economies identically to men, it would add as much as $28 trillion to the global economy, while peace agreements which involve women in their creation and execution are 35 per cent more likely to last.

And, if we meet the need for modern contraception and provide all pregnant women and newborns with quality care, maternal deaths would decrease by 73 per cent and newborn deaths would decrease by 80 per cent.


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