When is Donald Trump meeting North Korea’s Kim Jong-un in Vietnam and what’s the latest news about the summit?


DONALD Trump is set to meet with Kim Jong-un for their second historic summit this week in Vietnam.

But when exactly is this highly-anticipated meeting taking place and what could be expected? Here’s what we know.

AP:Associated Press

Trump and Kim had their first historic meeting in Singapore last year[/caption]

When is Donald Trump meeting Kim Jong-un in Vietnam?

The Trump-Kim meeting is due to take place on Wednesday and Thursday in the Vietnamese capital.

Kim Jong-un last night set off on a train journey for his second summit with Trump.

The North Korean dictator, 35, was seen on state TV inspecting a guard of honour in Pyongyang station before waving from his lavish carriage.

Later, the distinctive bulletproof green-and-yellow locomotive was seen crossing into the Chinese border city of Dandong on the nearly-3,000 mile journey to Hanoi.

It is said to be stocked with vintage wines and will cater any cuisine Kim desires.

It is expected to take more than two days for the train to make the epic journey through China to Vietnam.

AP:Associated Press

Kim Jong-un waves from his bulletproof luxury train carriage ahead of the epic 3,000-mile journey to meet Donald Trump[/caption]

What’s the latest news about the summit?

Experts say Kim will seek a US commitment for improved bilateral relations and partial sanctions relief.

He will also try desperately to make as few concessions as possible on his nuclear facilities and weapons.

Few see it as likely that Kim will fully scrap his arsenal – which he may see as his strongest guarantee of survival as North Korea’s leader.

Washington has called for more concrete steps from Pyongyang toward denuclearisation before talk of lifting sanctions can begin.

Hanoi has been gearing up for the summit with beefed-up security.

Officials say the colonial-era Government Guest House in central Hanoi is expected to be the venue for the Trump-Kim meeting, with the nearby Metropole Hotel as a backup.

Streets around the area have been spruced up with flowers and the flags of North Korea, the US and Vietnam.

Workers were also putting final touches on the International Media Center.

Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry says some 2,600 members of the foreign press have registered for the event.

Meanwhile, Vietnam has announced a traffic ban along Kim’s possible arrival route.



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