When is GCSEs results day 2019? Dates, times and how to re-sit your exams


GCSE exams 2019 got underway on May 13, 2019, and it won’t be long before teenagers face the daunting task of having to open those envelopes that reveal how well they did.

But when are the results out and how can students retake their exams?

Students can retake their GCSE exams if they didn't get the results that they were hoping for

Students can retake their GCSE exams if they didn’t get the results that they were hoping for[/caption]

When is results day 2019?

GCSE results day is August 22 for England and Wales.

Pupils will be able to collect their results in the morning, usually at around 10am.

Those waiting can also sign up to receive an email as soon as their results have been revealed.

Schools will be able to see exam results on most examining boards’ systems by August 21 but they are for headteachers and exam officers’ eyes only.

What if my results aren’t what I’d hoped for?

If a child has a sixth-form or college place pending, the exam board can re-mark papers as a priority.

Those not waiting to move into further education can request a copy of the marked paper, or have a clerical check or review of the marking.

How do exam retakes work?

English language and maths will take place in November 2019.

For other subjects the earliest available time to resit would be June 2020, but check with the school as this varies.

You can’t just retake the exam that you didn’t do well in, you have to retake all the exams that are part of that specific subject.

Do I have to pay to retake them?

Parents will most likely have to fork out for their child to take the test again.

The cost depends on the exam board but they are usually around £35 per GCSE and it will be more expensive for those who require extra resources.

However, some schools will pay for a teen to retake an exam.



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