When will Amy Barlow tell Steve and Tracy she had an abortion in Coronation Street and how will they react?


SCHOOLGIRL Amy Barlow had a secret abortion in Coronation Street last week but still hasn’t told her parents Steve and Tracy the truth.

But secrets can’t stay that way for long in soaps, so when will they learn what she’s done? Here’s everything you need to know…

Amy Barlow has a secret abortion but is yet to tell her parents

When will Amy Barlow tell her parents she’s had an abortion?

Amy Barlow decided not to keep the baby her parents Steve and Tracy were planning on adopting and had a termination behind their backs in February 2019.

The teen was accompanied by Bethany Platt for the procedure.

But since then she’s been feeling guilty as dad Steve McDonald has been trying to buy them a house so there’ll be more space for the baby.

And when Tracy hands her a letter with a new date for her 12 week scan, Amy will be left worried about how she’ll get out of it.

Later Amy will be seen locking herself in her room and refusing to go for the scan before the truth comes out.

Tracey and Steve are not likely to be thrilled by the discovery

How will Steve and Tracy react when they find out Amy has had an abortion?

Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow might have their faults as parents but they are surprisingly supportive of their only daughter.

When Amy told them she was pregnant, she expected them to hit the roof. And while Steve was initially livid, he soon calmed down and they have both supported Amy.

When she told them she couldn’t go through with an abortion, they supported her and told her that they would raise the baby as their own.

It’s likely when the truth about the abortion comes out that Steve and Tracy will be sad their baby dreams are over, but they will more than likely rally round their daughter.

Tracy will no doubt be upset that Amy wasn’t honest with her but it’s unlikely either of them will be angry with her.

It’s more likely that they will be sad Amy went through the procedure alone.


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