Where are the Celebs Go Dating restaurants and bars and are they real?


CELEBS Go Dating has officially returned to E4 this week and the contestants have wasted no time trying to find love, meeting their dates at some of London’s hottest restaurants.

And if you’re dying to know where the celebs are dining with their dates this series, look no further as we have gathered some of the places from the series so far. Here’s what we know…

The restaurant and cocktail bar looks very much like something you’d have seen in The Great Gatsby

Where are some of the restaurants and bars?

Lost Society

The Lost Society will have you thinking you’re reliving moments from Scorsese’s The Great Gatsby – it looks very similar to how things were presented in the 2013 motion picture.

Everything is very glitzy, blended in with vibrant colours to set the mood – no wonder this is the place all the celebs have been coming to when meeting up with their dates.

Most importantly, however, the food on their menu is very affordable: A large plate of king prawns, saffron sauce and squid ink fettuccine goes for as cheap as £12.50.

Keep in mind to book a reservation before choosing to dine here.

Bread Street Kitchen seems to be the ideal place to have your first date

Bread Street Kitchen

If you’re looking to wine and dine like Megan Barton-Hanson, this is the spot for you.

Bread Street Kitchen has been a popular go-to restaurant for a while now, but one can only imagine the publicity it got from an appearance on Celebs Go Dating.

Bread Street offers a variety of delicious cuisines ranging from modern European to Mediterranean.

And if you are looking to come and visit, catch their Sunday Roast deals for just £17.

Maison Bab resembles the famous American diners with a menu that’s not too pricey

Maison Bab

Maison Bab is the restaurant that has made several appearances in the seventh series of Celebs Go Dating – and it’s not hard to see why.

The kebab restaurant has stellar reviews not just from its customers, but also news outlets such as The Independent, who describe the food as “unfussy and most probably better than your usual doner”.

It’s estimated that for starters, kebabs and a glass of beer, you’d be spending roughly £25, with a new lunch menu that starts from as low as £10.

The site’s journalist Ed Cumming explained: “They have introduced a reasonable £10 lunch menu, which must help, but it is also to do with the space, which feels somehow light: all clean lines and simple decoration”.

“Of all the places I’ve been to that have tried to ‘premiumise’ the flatbread and meat experience, Maison Bab has stayed truest to the spirit of the food.”

PITCH Restaurant

PITCH is the recently opened restaurant by MasterChef champ Kenny Tutt, who has since seen the place used as a go-to spot for celebs to mingle with their dates.

Lady C was the celebrity who had the opportunity to try out some of the delicious food at PITCH restaurant, where she was also greeted by Kenny and his wife Lucy.

Lucy had previously gushed about how excited she was to find out that E4 was interested in using the couple’s venue for the show.

“It was really nice to have them there,” she shared while speaking of the film crew and cast.

“It was nice that they wanted to be part of Kenny’s restaurant and it was great for the staff to have a film crew on board and all the rest of it.”


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