Who is Ben Hart? Britain’s Got Talent magician and FINALIST who is a member of the Inner Magic Circle


BRITAIN’S Got Talent is heading towards it’s grand finale and with it comes magician Ben hart.

But just who is this magic man hoping to scoop the BGT crown? Let’s get the lowdown.

Ben hart is a magician hoping to win Britain’s Got Talent
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Who is Ben Hart?

Ben Hart, 28, was born October 19, 1990 and is a magician and Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle who grew up in Winchester.

In 2007 he was awarded the Young Magician Of The Year award by The Magic Circle.

Ben is also an inventor and designer of magic tricks and illusions.

He is hoping to be crowned winner of BGT
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How has Ben Hart got on so far on Britain’s Got Talent?

Ben’s auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent was on May 11, 2019.

He wowed the judges with his disappearing act and got four yeses from the judges.

Speaking to The Sun Online he said:

“Magic helps to remind us that there are mysteries in the world and that not everything has or needs an answer.

“In a world of answers, it’s nice to have a mystery. I’m not personally worried about people trying to work things out, because if they’re trying to work things out, they’re already denying themselves the feeling of amazement and that’s the bit that I find interesting.”

He stormed his way through the semi-final and received the most public votes, winning him a place in Sunday’s (June 2) grand final.

Has Ben Hart been on TV before?

In 2014 Ben wrote and starred in Killer Magic on BBC Three which was awarded Best Non-Competitive Reality Show at the National Reality Television Awards.

Then in 2016, Ben starred in Ben Hart’s Life Hacks also on BBC Three, the first episode of which was directed by Matt Edmondson

He also had a regular slot on BBC One show Now You See It which was hosted by Mel Giedroyc.



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