Who is Dominic Cummings? Brexit Vote Leave strategist and special adviser to Boris Johnson


VOTE Leave campaign director Dominic Cummings has been appointed as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s senior adviser.

He is expected to be a key figure in delivering Brexit. But just who is Dominic Cummings?

Dominic Cummings will be a senior advisor to Boris Johnson
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Who is Dominic Cummings?

Dominic Cummings has been described as the mastermind of the Brexit campaign.

He is a political adviser and strategist, and served as the Campaign Director of Vote Leave.

Cummings is a former special adviser to Michael Gove.

Born in Durham, he is the son of an oil rig project manager and a special needs teacher.

Cummings attended Durham School and Exeter College, Oxford, graduating in 1994 with a First in Ancient and Modern History.

In 2011, he married Mary Wakefield, deputy editor of The Spectator.

Dominic Cummings has been hired to help run No10 and deliver Brexit
Dominic Cummings has been hired to help run No10 and deliver Brexit

What is he up to now?

It emerged that Boris persuaded Cummings to abandon a serious operation under general anaesthetic to come into No10 with him instead, during a series of phone calls in the last few days.

Mr Cummings told friends he agreed to the plea as the nation faces “a true national emergency”, and he will tend to his health “in 99 days time”.

When did he join the Vote Leave campaign?

Cummings became Campaign Director of Vote Leave upon the creation of the organisation in October 2015.

He is credited with having created the official slogan of Vote Leave, “Take back control” and with being the leading strategist of the campaign.

Cummings was questioned and criticised by MPs at the Treasury Select Committee in April 2016 for creating misleading leaflets for the Leave campaign.

His campaign strategy was summarised as: “Don’t talk about immigration”; “Do talk about business”; “Don’t make the referendum final”; “Do keep mentioning the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the over-reach of the European Union’s Court of Justice”.

Vote Leave emerged victorious in the June 2016 referendum which resulted in a 52 per cent vote to leave the European Union.

He was named as one of “Debrett’s 500 2016” people of influence.

He used data-driven campaigning to win over undecided voters by pushing a small number of key messages – and came up with the slogan “take back control”.


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