Who is Emma’s real dad in Coronation Street? Audrey lets slip it could be a very familiar face


Poor Emma Brooker is going to be dealt two shocking blows in Coronation Street tonight that will change her life forever.

First of all, she’s told that her beloved dad isn’t suffering from a stomach ulcer at all, but an aggressive form of stomach cancer.

Coronation Street's Emma discovers a shocking secret about her father tonight
Coronation Street’s Emma discovers a shocking secret about her father tonight

She discovers that her dad has been poorly for a while but didn’t want to upset her by telling her how sick he really was.

And not only is the cancer aggressive, she’s absolutely broken when the oncologist tells her it’s terminal.

The bubbly hairdresser is still processing this news when she heads in to see her poorly dad. She’s then left absolutely floored when he tells her he’s always loved her as if she’s one of his own.

A devastated Emma calls her mum in Australia to find out what he meant and is gutted when her mum confirms that her dad isn’t her real dad.

But it’s not only Emma who’s getting the shocks tonight. When Audrey Roberts picks up Emma’s phone, she sees her mum is trying to get hold of her.

Audrey figures out who Emma'biological father is in Coronation Street
Audrey figures out who Emma’biological father is in Coronation Street

And Audrey is stunned when the picture that flashes up is that of Fiona Middleton – a former cobbles hairdresser and ex-girlfriend of Steve McDonald.

A shell-shocked Audrey soon tells Steve’s mum, Liz, about her discovery and also reveals that Emma has just learned her dad isn’t her real dad.

The two women quickly do the maths and realise that Steve could be Emma’s real dad and that Fiona was pregnant when she fled Weatherfield 20 years ago.

Could they be right? Is Emma’s real dad none other than Steve McDonald?

Later this week, Liz will tell Steve that she thinks he could be Emma’s real dad, leaving the StreetCars owner reeling.

And he soon finds himself in trouble with wife Tracy when she discovers £600 missing from their joint account. Steve makes up a cover story for the missing money, which he has secretly handed over to Emma to pay for a coffin for her ‘dad’s’

The Sun revealed earlier this year that Fiona – played by Angela Griffin – would return to the street she left back in 1998.
A TV source said: “Angela’s return is short and sweet but it has huge implications for Steve.

“She’s back on screens and will find out that the dates that he was with Fiona tally up to when Emma was born.”


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