Who is MC Devvo? YouTube rapper Christian Webb sacked from his job as a teacher


A TEACHER was sacked after it emerged he’d made viral videos with lyrics about beating girlfriends and taking drugs.

But just who is MC Devvo, and who was the man beyond the alter-ego? Here’s the latest.

MC Devvo’s videos went viral as he rapped about beating girlfriends and taking drugs

Who is MC Devvo?

Christian Webb, a primary school teacher at King Edwards in Doncaster, has been revealed as the man behind MC Devvo.

His rapping persona saw him post supposedly satirical takes on gang culture and lifestyle – but led to him losing his job several years later.

He was sacked in December after four years there, but the reason only emerged this summer.

One parent said: “Everyone said he was brilliant but you wouldn’t want Ali G as your kid’s teacher.” Another said: “Kids don’t realise it’s meant to be a joke.”

The videos first appeared in 2005 but Webb’s alter-ego was only discovered a few months ago by bosses at King Edwards Primary in Doncaster.

Webb, who wrote the songs with comic David Firth, 36, told The Sun: “It’s not something I want to discuss.”

Primary school teacher Christian Webb was fired after bosses discovered he had a secret double life as foul-mouthed rapper MC Devvo

What are the lyrics about?

MC Devvo took YouTube by storm in the mid noughties with his tongue-in-cheek raps about crystal meth, tinnies and pills in a thick Doncaster accent.

Donny Solider and Crystal Meffin led to an album release, From Yorkshire to New York, in 2007 and subsequent tours.

He recently announced his retirement, but was continuing to play sell-out gigs up until last year.

“Jokey” lyrics include “have a can of Kestrel an’ I’ll kick me’ girlfriend’s head in”, f*** ’em while they’re young” and “hold her down do it right”.

Fans have commented on how he was “a classic back in ’07” but had disappeared without a trace.

In an interview with Vice, he said he started making the videos “for a laugh” and it went from there – and that now his performances are “a nostalgic thing”.

Donny Solider

When I was at school, I was ya fella
Round the bikesheds f******* Daniella
Round the bikesheds f******* Celina
Round the bike sheds f******* Delina
Got four fingers up, you should have seen her
And my trousers couldn’t be any keener
But a thought you was with Tina, Tina
We had a kid called Sedina

Devvo is ‘ere
Listenin’ to the beats and rhymin’ with a tear
Listen to the drop and feel the flavour it’s summer time

I’m startin’ out
I am poor
No pennies in me’ pocket
Can i sleep on ya’ floor?
Fresh outta’ jail
An time on me’ hands
Thatcher’s white magic
Can after can
King of the land
Are you a fan?
Listen to ma’ rhymes and tell me you am
You got the pennies and i got the scams
Doin it like the boys at WHAM!





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