Why it’s not just abuse fantasist Carl Beech who should take the rap for this trail of destruction


I CAN’T argue with the 18-year sentence handed out last week to Carl Beech – aka “Nick” – for perverting the course of justice.

Had the men he accused of abusing him really been guilty of the crimes alleged, they would have received sentences at least as long — and spent a lifetime on the sex offenders register.

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VIP sex abuse fantasist Carl Beech has rightly been handed an 18-year sentence – had the men he accused been guilty of the crimes alleged, they would have received sentences at least as long[/caption]

It seems appropriate that someone guilty of falsely alleging such disgusting crimes against people who had never harmed him should be punished in a similar way.

That said, I can’t help feeling that Beech has been left to carry the can not only for his own despicable behaviour but also for the police officers and others who indulged him in his tall stories.

Even after it should have been obvious that he was lying, these officers have subjected those he accused to public humiliation and shame.

While Beech has rightfully been jailed, not one officer has been made to answer for their failings.

As retired judge Sir Richard Henriques, who investigated Operation Midland — the investigation into Nick’s allegations — in 2016, explained yesterday, the Metropolitan Police are not merely guilty of allowing themselves to be fooled by Beech but they may have broken the law, too.

In order to gain a warrant to enter the homes of Lord Bramall, Harvey Proctor and Lady Brittan, the widow of former Home Secretary Lord Brittan, the Met mistakenly told a judge that “Nick’s” allegations had been consistent.


As we now know, there was nothing consistent about Beech’s fantasies. It was clear he had never suffered the injuries he would have suffered had he really been subjected to the acts he claimed had been committed against him.

He had never been absent from home or school at the time he claimed he had been abused.

Moreover, there was no trace of the two children who Beech claimed had been killed by the supposed paedophile gang.

Surely these are the first checks which should have been made before police started raiding the homes of suspects.

If there is no sign that the murder “victims” had ever existed, that should have set a very loud alarm bell ringing in the ears of police investigators.

Yet on they ploughed, driven by the perverse doctrine that anyone who alleges that they have been a victim of sex abuse must automatically be assumed to be telling the truth.

That doctrine was a magnet for fantasists such as Nick, who gain a thrill from putting innocent people through the mill — and who stand to pocket a fortune in compensation.


Why on Earth was Beech paid £22,000 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board before his allegations had been tested in court?

The top brass of that organisation need to hang their heads in shame.

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Former Met Commissioner Lord Hogan-Howe threw resources into Operation Midland — the inquiry into Carl Beech’s allegations[/caption]

Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald described Beech’s allegations as ‘credible and true’ yet has been handed a gold-plated pension


Ex-Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse oversaw the inquiry – now he’s been handed a plum job at the National Crime Agency[/caption]

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Let’s not forget Labour’s Tom Watson – without him, it’s unlikely Beech’s allegations would have been taken so seriously[/caption]

Many people are going to be asking: Just how much more taxpayers’ money has been merrily handed out to “victims” who have been telling fibs?

Sir Richard has demanded a criminal investigation into the Met decision to raid suspects’ homes without proper evidence.

But even without that element of the story, it is a disgrace that no police officer has been investigated for misconduct.

Instead, those in charge of the investigation have been rewarded. Senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Diane Tudway was promoted to superintendent while under investigation for alleged misconduct in the case, and retired just before Beech’s trial.

Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald — who infamously described “Nick’s” allegations as “credible and true” — also retired on a gold-plated pension before the Beech trial began.

It is a disgrace that no police officer has been investigated for misconduct.

Ross Clark

Ex-Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse, who oversaw Operation Midland, has been booted upstairs to a plum, £175,000-a-year job at the National Crime Agency.

Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has been rewarded with a peerage. What an utter farce his elevation makes of the honours system.

Sir Richard said the Met has “sought to protect itself from effective outside scrutiny” over Operation Midland, and claims that during an investigation he oversaw into the operation in 2016, the Met failed to pass on all the relevant documentation.

He added: “I remain unable to conclude that every officer acted with due diligence and in good faith.”


But most contemptible of all, in a way, is the behaviour of Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson.

Without Watson, it is unlikely that Beech’s allegations would have been taken so seriously.

It was Watson who invited Beech to his Westminster office, who stoked the political heat and put the pressure on police to take Beech’s allegations far more seriously than they deserved.

And what has been his reaction since Beech was found guilty last week? Not to apologise but to claim, preposterously, that he, too, was a victim of Beech’s. Rubbish, Mr Watson.

You seized on “Nick’s” allegations because you could see the political dynamite of a case which involved a former Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath, and ex-Home Secretary, Leon Brittan.

The main victims of Beech are, of course, the men he falsely accused of forming a paedophile ring, but we should not forget another class of victims — those genuinely abused and who now might be shy of reporting the crimes against them for fear of being taken to be another Beech.

That is part of the long trail of destruction caused by the fantasist. But it was not him alone who deserves to take the rap.

Police officers, Watson and the chiefs of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board bear a heavy responsibility for what has happened

  • Ross Clark writes for The Spectator.

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Sir Richard Henriques says the Metropolitan Police could be guilty of breaking the law in their conduct of Operation Midland[/caption]


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