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'Why?' Nick Ferrari erupts at Boris Johnson over UK lockdown easing in fiery interview


Nick Ferrari exploded at Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a fiery interview on LBC this morning. Ferrari pointed out a series of “inconsistencies” in the Government’s plan to ease the country’s lockdown measures. He said: “I can go to the pub but I can’t go to the gym, why?” 

Ferrari added: “I can have a haircut tomorow but not go to a nail bar, why?

“I can have a driving lesson, but I can’t walk my daughter down the aisle at her wedding. 

“You’re an intelligent man, how have these come about?”

Boris Johnson said that the measures were chosen as the best way to fight the pandemic. 

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He added: “These are a valid points but there are reasons.” 

The LBC host branded the inconsistencies “strange anamolies”.

Ferrari continued: “You can play tennis, but you can’t play cricket. A ball is a ball, isn’t it?”

Mr Johnson responded: “Nick, you can find all kind of inconsistencies. These debates have gone round and round.

The Prime Minister is expected to urge people to support the “heroic effort” put in by businesses all over the country.

Saturday marks the day pubs and restaurants finally re-open across the country.

Mr Johnson said he and his fiancee, Carrie Symonds, would be going out this weekend in an evening with the Evening Standard on Thursday.

However, he refused to offer further details, saying: “We have plans, we are definitely going to mark the event.”


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