Why the Duchess of Sussex could be barred from entering the US if she wants to cut her tax bill


The Duke and Duchess are already building links between the Royal Family and its American admirers, with forthcoming podcast series with Oprah, the Duke’s attendance at a baseball game on Saturday and a new charitable foundation expected to have a significant working relationship across the pond.

The Duchess still receives an income from the US in the form of royalties from her acting career. Meanwhile, baby Archie, who has automatic dual British-US citizenship, may be passed a portion of the inheritance from Diana Princess of Wales.

Paul Miller, the owner of New York-based accountancy firm Miller & Company, questioned whether the US tax man would grant the child an exemption because of his royal status. “I highly doubt they would agree to that,” said Mr Miller. “The US government is greatly in debt. They want every penny they can get.”

The 1986 provision was used for the first time twice in 2016 and again in 2018. Experts believe that this number could increase.  

“This is a change in that for decades, tax and immigration lawyers have been saying, yes, there is this ground of inadmissibility but it has never been used,” said Anastasia Tonello, a New York attorney. “That is not the case anymore since it has been used at least three times.”  


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