Windows 10 alert – New bug discovered that could be slowing down your PC


Windows 10 users running the October 2018 Update, also known as 1809, may be experiencing increased shutdown times due to a USB-C problem.

Microsoft recently confirmed the existence of the bug in a FAQ post.

It was noted the issue, that surrounds the System Software Interface of the USB-C connector, can result in a delay of up to 60 seconds when shutting down a computer.

While not a lengthy period of time by any means, such an issue could be annoying for those that switch off their machine every time they have finished using it.

The American tech giant has declared the problem can occur when users are connecting or disconnecting an item to or from a computer while either putting it to sleep or restarting.

Microsoft’s Philip Froese commented: “A bug in the USB Type-C Connector System Software Interface (UCSI) software implementation in Windows 10, version 1809 can cause a 60 second delay in the system sleep or shutdown process if the power-down happens while the UCSI software is busy handling a new connect or disconnect event on a USB Type-C port.

“Apart from the extra one minute the sleep or shutdown process takes in this circumstance, this bug does not affect normal functionality of USB Type-C on your machine.

“The system and the USB Type-C ports should continue to function properly after the next wake or restart of the system.”

It is worth noting apart from a delay, the bug will not alter a sleep or shut down process in any way.

Moreover, the tech powerhouse stated after a device has been turned on again, all USB-C ports should still work as normal.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not detail if or when a patch for the bug would be released.

It is also worth noting the firm has not listed the problem on its “known issues” page for the October 2018 Update.

As the name suggests, Microsoft’s October 2018 Update debuted towards the tail end of last year.

After initially releasing, the rollout for the software was paused after a number of early adopters experienced issues surrounding unexpected item deletion.

The October 2018 Update has since been succeeded by Microsoft’s newest version of Windows 10, the May 2019 Update.


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