'Wolf Pack' rape victim urges women to report attacks after victory at Spanish Supreme Court


Women’s rights supporters took to the streets in large numbers after judges in Pamplona decided to admit a private investigator’s report on the victim’s personal life and behaviour after the attack. “Sister, we believe you” became a key slogan as tens of thousands of protesters rallied across Spain. 

Further anger ensued when the court ruled in April 2018 that the five men were guilty of sexual abuse, but not of rape – citing a lack of clear resistance on the victim’s part – and sentenced each of them to nine years in prison. 

After two appeals, Spain’s Supreme Court last week overturned the original verdict and handed the men 15-year terms for rape.

In the letter, the victim thanked her lawyers and the people who took her cause “onto the streets, echoing in every corner of Spain”.

“Thanks for not leaving me alone.”

She urged other victims to come forward, as a way of defeating the scourge of male violence.

“We cannot forget that the fight must continue, and we have to be the change we want to see in our society, given that many fellow women have lost their lives. Remember, tell it. Don’t let them win.”


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