Woman, 22, orders little brother 'to undress in -10C and buries him ALIVE'


A WOMAN is alleged to have lured her little brother into woods near their home and tried to bury him alive.

Gulnaz Enikeeva and Dinar

HARROWING: Gulnaz Enikeeva allegedly tried to murder eight-year-old Dinar (Pic: VKONTAKTE)

Gulnaz Enikeeva, 22, tried to murder eight-year-old Dinar in the village of Karmaskaly in south-western Russia, it is claimed. 

Enikeeva reportedly told her mother she was going to accompany Dinar to the library, but instead took him to the woods and ordered him to undress.

While he stood naked in -10C temperatures, Gulnaz supposedly took her mobile phone charger cable, wrapped it around his throat and started choking him.

She later reportedly told the police she decided to bury him alive in the snow after this attempt failed. 

Dinar Enikeeva

LUCKY ESCAPE: The boy was only saved from hypothermia after passers-by dug him out of the snow (Pic: VKONTAKTE)

The boy was only saved from hypothermia after passers-by dug him out of the snow and took him to a nearby hospital. 

Enikeeva apparently carried out the callous attack to win back her parents’ love, The Sun reports. 

The boy made a full recovery and a criminal investigation has since been launched.

The local investigative committee said in a statement: “The investigation found out that the 22-year-old girl started to choke her eight-year-old brother because of ‘antipathy’ she felt toward him.

“Also, she caused harm to his health and threatened to kill him. The sister is going to be sent for a mental check. The investigation is ongoing.”

Enikeeva faces up to two years in prison if found guilty.


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