Woman, 30, 'left kids in hot car' days after mum 'murdered disabled sister' in same way


Ashley Pangalangan, 30, is accused of locking her six-month-old baby girl and her seven-year-old sister in the boiling vehicle while she went shopping in Walterboro, South Carolina.

The car’s air conditioning was broken — meaning the kids were trapped in stifling conditions while temperatures outside soared to 32C.

Meanwhile, her mum was shopping at a nearby Walmart.

It came exactly a week after Ashley’s mum Rita Pangalangan, 49, was charged with murdering her disabled daughter by leaving her in a locked car as well.

Christina, 13, was left outside her mum’s house in Ruffin, South Carolina for five hours on August 4, police said.

“Even though the air conditioner was on, the vehicle was blowing warm air”

Police report

Emergency services were eventually called, but the girl was tragically pronounced dead at the scene.

Last week, Rita – who once won a prize as a teacher – was charged with the girl’s death along with boyfriend Larry King Jr.

Ashley’s two young kids were found by police in the locked car in sweltering conditions.

She was arrested as she left the supermarket.

The police report said: “Even though the air conditioner was on, the vehicle was blowing warm air.”

She told police that she was only inside the shop for around five minutes.

But cops said they had already been on the scene for around 15 minutes at the time.

Police have charged her with unlawful conduct of a minor and is being held in Colleton County Detention Center along with her mum Rita.

Her children – who were unharmed – have been taken into protective custody.

Rita and Larry remain locked up without bond.

It’s the latest such story of irresponsible adults leaving children or pets in dangerously hot cars.

Last month, there was fury as a dog was left in a car outside Tesco on the hottest day of the year in Yeovil, Somerset.


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