Home News Woman armed with Taser tells neighbors to ‘stop acting like black people’

Woman armed with Taser tells neighbors to ‘stop acting like black people’

A California woman showed up at her neighbor’s home with what appears to be a Taser and told them to “stop acting black” in their “white neighborhood” when a confrontation escalated over their dogs, videos show.

“You guys are acting like black people and you should act like white people,” the white woman — who neighbors identified as Adana Dean — said in footage of the altercation, news station KGO reported.

Jariell Jones, who is black, said Dean initially approached her 13-year-old nephew Monday in their Discovery Bay neighborhood asking to pet the family’s pit bull, Dice, and he obliged, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

But then five minutes later, she showed up on their doorstep and claimed that their dog had attacked her poodle.

Dean was seen on video holding her poodle in one hand and what appears to be a Taser in the other, KGO reported.

“I don’t want to see that dog outside,” Dean could be heard telling Jones’ brother, Gerritt Jones.

Gerritt then replies, “Well, he’s going to be outside, I have a right to have him outside like every other person.”

In the videos, Dean could be heard telling him, “You’re a black person in a white neighborhood and you’re acting like one. Why don’t you act like a white person in a white neighborhood?”

Geritt asked Dean to leave the property, which she eventually did but not before threatening legal action against the family, KGO reported.

The women who approached her neighbor's front door with a stun gun.
The woman who approached her neighbor’s front door with a stun gun.KTVU

Dean on Tuesday said she had only approached the family to ask if the pit bull had received its rabies shot.

“The reason I went to them was because there was a dog in the street with a little boy — a little black boy — so I knew whose it was,” Dean told the Chronicle.

She denied making any racist comments and suggested that the Jones family had doctored the footage.

“There’s no racial discrimination here — absolutely none. I am completely aghast at what’s going on here,” Dean told the paper.

She also insisted that she had not been wielding a stun gun, saying it was a device that uses a bright light to chase away other dogs, the outlet reported.

Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office said it responded to the scene, though they determined there was no criminal behavior.

“Although Deputies determined that no crime had been committed, a report was taken to document the interaction between the two neighbors, as the original complaint was in reference to a neighbor dispute due to an off-leash dog,” the agency said.

The Jones family denied the pit bull was off its leash and called accusations they altered their video “delusional.”

“She’s obviously lying, and it’s sad to see that she continues to lie, even after she’s been caught,” Jariell told the Chronicle.


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