Woman brands PrettyLittleThing outfit ‘disgusting’ after finding mystery brown stains all over her white bodysuit


A WOMAN has hit out at PrettyLittleThing after she ordered a white bodysuit, only to find it was covered in mystery brown stains.

Chloe Gadd bought a white scuba bodysuit for £10, but was outraged when she found marks all over it, calling it “disgusting”.

Chloe Gadd said she has ordered from the company before with no problems

Speaking to Fabulous, the 22-year-old she said she thought the marks looked like “fake tan or foundation”.

Chloe fumed: “It’s just baffling why they would send something like that out it’s quite disgusting really.

“I was just shocked that they would send something out with so many stains on it.

“You wouldn’t buy it from a shop like that so no reputable online clothing company should be sending out dirty items!

Chloe said she thought the stains were fake tan or foundation
The 22-year-old confirmed she received a refund for the bodysuit

“It wasn’t particularly for anything special but I was still really disappointed as it’s not wearable to any occasion now!”

Chloe, a credit controller, had ordered from PrettyLittleThing in the past with no issues, but said her experience has “put her off ordering from them again”.

She said: “I’ve seen this happen to people before I often see it posted on Twitter but I never expected it would happen to me.”

Chloe bought the white bodysuit for £10
  • White sweetheart scuba bodysuit, PrettyLittleThing, £10 – buy now

Chloe, from Chesterfield, confirmed they refunded the item “straight away”, but added that “wasn’t the point”.

She said: “They refunded it straight away but I don’t think that’s the point they need to acknowledge that this is happening and put it right.


“Hygiene is important and if you’re ordering something new you would expect for it to be brand new not worn and stained.”

Fabulous has reached out to PrettyLittleThing for a comment.

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