Woman detained in Dubai for calling ex-husband's wife a horse says stripping daughter of  inheritance is malicious


A mother detained in Dubai for calling her ex-husband’s wife a horse on Facebook has branded the decision to strip her only daughter of £500,000 inheritance as malicious. 

Laleh Shahravesh, 55, was arrested under strict cyber crime laws in April when she arrived in Dubai for Pedro Dos Santos’ funeral.

After nearly a month in detention, she returned to the UK and has now launched a legal bid to overturn the ruling of a Dubai court to award Pedro Dos Santos’ fortune to his second wife,  Samah Al Hammadi, 42, amid the acrimonious family row.

Ms Shahravesh’s daughter Paris, 14, was expecting to receive the lump sum after her banker father died of a heart attack in March aged 51.

But her Tunisian stepmother applied for Pedro Dos Santos’ inheritance which was awarded to her in full by a Dubai court. 

The authorities ruled that the teenager was a non-Muslim, meaning that under UAE Sharia law, she could not receive inheritance from her Muslim father.

Instead, it authorised Mr Santos’ former employer, HSBC, to award his £500,000 funds to Ms Al Hammadi, despite her mentioning that he had a daughter and sisters.


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