World’s former fattest man is desperate for a ‘proper cuppa’ as he returns to UK for £100k NHS care


FORTY stone Paul Mason, once the world’s fattest man, is desperate for a “proper cuppa” when he returns to the UK today.

The Sun told yesterday how Paul is flying home for £100,000 of free NHS care after his weight ­ballooned again.

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Paul Mason, who weighs 40st, will fly back to the UK tomorrow to receive treatments on the NHS[/caption]

Phil Penman

The first thing on the former fattest man’s mind is having a ‘proper British cuppa’[/caption]

Paul, who cannot afford treatment in the States, said: “I don’t know where I’m going to go first. I think I’m going to have a cup of tea.

“They have tea here in the US but I want a proper British cuppa.”

Paul, 58, from Ipswich, once weighed 70st but slimmed down to 19st after NHS surgery.

He moved to the US five years ago but has binge-eaten his way back to 40st over there.

A documentary about Paul’s life in the US — called The World’s Fattest Man, The Big American Adventure — is to be released this summer.

Once the world's fattest man, Paul weighed 70st but after an NHS stomach operation his weight went down to 19st
Paul Nixon

Paul weighed a incredible 70st, but managed to bring it back down to 19st after an NHS stomach operation[/caption]

The former posties has spoken openly about his food addiction, which resulted in him losing his job as he would steal cash from envelopes to buy snacks
Dan Charity – The Sun

Paul spoken openly about his food addiction which resulted in him losing his job as he used to steal cash to buy snacks[/caption]


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