'World's most modified youth' taunts cops after being issued with arrest warrant


Ethan Bramble, 23, from Australia, is inked over 98% of his body, including the whites of his eyes.

Police have made the tattoo enthusiast the subject of a warrant after an alleged altercation with his girlfriend in a bar.

Taunting cops on Facebook in a since-deleted post Bramble wrote: “Nananana you’ll never catch me”.

The dad-of-one was also in an Instagram video with his shirt over his head.

“If I wasn’t who I was, this wouldn’t be the media circus that it is”

Ethan Bramble

His pal behind the camera could be heard saying: “Just sitting here having coffee… and I’ve found this f****** criminal.”

A warrant was issued by officers in Victoria on Wednesday after Bramble failed to appear in court.

He later posted on Instagram: “My alleged ‘assault’ I found out from the police is that I lobbed a beer can at my ex partners feet in a bar which there’s camera footage of that I in fact did not.”

He told talk show Studio 10 yesterday: “If I wasn’t who I was, this wouldn’t be the media circus that it is.

“I just think it’s ridiculous.”

Later he issued an updated status to his social media followers, claiming the issue was “sorted out” and he was a “free man”.

But Victoria Police confirmed today that a warrant was still active for his arrest.

The body-modifying model gained notoriety for his extreme transformations.

Thanks to his unique look Bramble counts more than 200,000 followers on Instagram.

His modifications include a split tongue and 10cm stretchers in both earlobes.


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