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WW3: Russia flexes its military strength in mammoth defence exercise with 10,000 soldiers


Russia’s Central Military District air defence forces made a high speed advance to participate in the exercise involving live firing. The military units were deployed in the Penza, Samara, Saratov, Orenburg and Kirov regions.

The Russian forces covered around 2 thousand kilometres.

The country’s air defence forces occupied a conditionally protected area to prepare for combat launches.

A total of 16 tactical exercises took place according to Russia’s state media.

Each crew of the country’s air defence force performed live firing at air targets.

Combat firing was conducted using anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems.

Russia’s Central Military District forces destroyed more than 50 air targets during the exercise.

They reached altitudes from 500 metres to 30 thousand metres at a distance of 30 to 300 kilometres, according to Russia’s state media.

More than 1,000 units of weapons and military equipment were used in the exercise.

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The Ministry of Defence added: “The servicemen did not allow the conditional enemy to break through the defences.

“And, during a surprise offensive, pushed them out of more advantageous lines and destroyed them.”

More than 1.5 thousand Russian soldiers took part in the exercise.

Approximately 300 pieces of weapons and military equipment were used including multiple launch rocket systems and the country’s latest anti-tank complex.

Electronic warfare systems, 5G communications equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles were also reportedly used during the exercise.

The army practiced firing cannons from tanks and worked out the strategic features in the area.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence said: “A special feature of the exercise was non-standard methods of dealing with high-speed armoured targets.

“Various methods of destroying mined vehicles, conducting combat operations of subunits at night, and fighting a simulated enemy UAV.

“Motorized riflemen and tank crews worked out a number of new tactical episodes.

“Including a battle in a village, a manoeuvrable defence in cooperation with aviation and rocket artillery.”


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