WWE legend Matt Hardy reveals how he and brother Jeff were smuggled into WrestleMania two-years ago in secret operation


MATT Hardy has revealed how he and brother Jeff were smuggled into WrestleMania before their surprise return to WWE two years ago.

The return came after seven years away from the company, with the brothers wrestling for IMPACT, ROH, and other indie promotions as the “Broken” Hardys.

The Hardy Boyz have recently become eight-time WWE tag-team champions
The Hardys returned to the company at WrestleMania 33 in 2017

Matt and Jeff were surprise entrants into a four-way ladder match against The Bar, Enzo & Cass, and Gallows & Anderson and won the Raw Tag Team Championship – 10 years after they’d last held tag team gold in WWE.

The return is now one of the all-time great “WrestleMania moments”.

Speaking exclusively to Sun Sport, Hardy explained how they were kept hidden and sneaked into the Citrus Bowl stadium less an hour before the ladder match.

Matt said: “We knew about three weeks before that we’d be at WrestleMania – and we about two weeks before that we’d be in a ladder match for the titles.

“Our opponents didn’t know until two days before the match. We pulled up in a car with tinted windows and we were there for about an hour. Me and Jeff left and went about our weekend, which was packed full of wrestling activities.

“On that Friday night we wrestled Pentagon and Phoenix in a high profile match, the Saturday night we wrestled the Young Bucks in a ladder match, and at Sunday we were at WrestleMania.

“We pulled up to the stadium about 30 minutes before our match started. We got out of the bus they’d had us hid in and ran up four flights of stairs, about five minutes before the match. We were literally sneaking in.

“We walked into gorilla position, we saw Vince and all these guys we haven’t seen for a long time, like Shawn Michaels and John Cena. We said hello and – bang – our music hit.

It was pretty overwhelming. That whole vibe was intoxicating – it was very dreamlike. The stars aligned for that moment.

Matt Hardy on his return at WrestleMania 33

“Typically when you’re at WrestleMania all day, you usually walk down the ramp and think, ‘Oh this is how the set is going to look,’ but we hadn’t done any of that.

“We walked through the curtain and the first thing we saw was this sea of humanity, this massive set, and a ramp that’s about four stories high.

“It was pretty overwhelming. The reaction was so loud – tens of thousands of people legitimately shocked. That whole vibe was intoxicating – it was very dreamlike. The stars aligned for that moment.”

The brothers were innovators of the ladder match during the Attitude Era, when they helped created the TLC match.

They competed at WrestleMania once again just three weeks ago, taking part in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal at Mania 35.

Two nights later they became eight-time WWE tag champs by defeating The Usos for the SmackDown tag titles.

Matt said: “It’s the thirteenth WrestleMania I’ve been a part of. If you’re a sports-entertainer or professional wrestler, that’s not too bad.

“We’re just two kids from the rural town of Cameron, North Carolina who had dreams of making it to WWE and being tag team champs.”

WrestleMania 35 is out on DVD & Blu-ray 3rd June.

The Hardy Boyz as Raw tag champs
Matt Hardy nails Karl Anderson at WrestleMania 33
Jeff Hardy dives at his opponents in the ladder match

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