WWE legend’s daughter struck by drunk driver in ‘hit and run’


Rachael – who wrestles for NXT – was involved in the smash while leaving the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando.

She was driving home when her car was sideswiped by the drunk driver. 

The 26-year-old revealed to fans on Twitter she was okay – but warned “don’t drink and drive”.

Her dad Paul Ellering is a WWE Hall of Famer, and is best known for managing the Road Warriors, Hawk and Animal. 

He is currently signed for WWE are works backstage after a stint managing modern tag team The Authors of Pain.

“I was hit by a drunk driver today on my way home from the PC”

Rachael Evers

Rachael tweeted: “Let me start by saying this, I am okay.

“I was hit by a drunk driver today on my way home from the Performance Centre (PC).

“Hit and run. I’m extremely thankful it was my passengers side that was hit. 

“Some people aren’t so lucky-please don’t drink and drive.”

Rachael Evers

TRAINEE: Rachael Evers is training at the WWE Performance Centre in Florida (Pic: WWE)

NXT stars Mia Yim and DJZ sent her messages of support, saying “glad you are safe” and “wow, so glad you are good”. 

WWE referees Jessika Carr and Jason Ayers also sent messages of support.

“Well thank god you’re ok, but man,” Jason wrote.

Rachael joined the WWE Performance Centre class in the batch of trainees announced in February. 

Paul Ellering and the Road Warriors

LEGEND: Paul Ellering with his most famous tag team the Roar Warriors (Pic: WWE)

She also shared a picture of the other driver, and a pictures of his licence plate.

His car was light blue, had a “Jesus’ fish badge on the boot lid.

More than 6,000 fans liked her tweets after she shared them to her 27,000 followers.

WWE’s main training school is based in Orlando, where wrestlers get groomed for stardom before moving to Raw and SmackDown.

Rachael Evers

SECOND GENERATION: Rachael Evers is the daughter of the legendary Paul Ellering (Pic: WWE)

Rachael Evers

GRAPPLER: Rachael Evers competes in the Mae Young Classic (Pic: WWE)

Rachael made her wrestling debut in 2015 as she followed her dad’s footsteps into the business.

She first competed for WWE in 2016, appearing sporadically in one-off matches. 

Getting her big break competing in the 2018 Mae Young Classic – she was picked up by NXT.

The grappler was previously a powerlifter before turning to professional wrestling. 


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